Hapless ACC


WHO is controlling the Anti-Corruption Commission?

We ask because major cases of corruption involving billions of Kwacha are not being followed.

Not even the corruption and impunity of Lusaka traffic police officers who continue to use road blocks in Lusaka as ATMs are curtailed. In mid day light on a Saturday or Sunday the police will block traffic checking for expired road licences, threatening and actually impounding cars unless motorists pay up.

A few months ago some spirited ACC officers arrested some corrupt traffic officers who were soliciting bribes at road blocks. Not in Lusaka. No such thing would happen in spite of the city hosting the headquarters of the organisation.

How difficult is it for the ACC to stamp out this vice in the country and if they cannot do so in Lusaka what about the rest of the country?

This is the least we can expect them to do since they appear impotent and incapable of investigating real corruption involving billions of kwacha

There are so many allegations of pure corruption which remain un-investigated by the ACC and we wonder whether the investigative wing can offer a reasonable explanation. 

One of the most notorious cases is the Trafigura oil supply contract that was awarded in spite of the huge price differential that was evident from the very start.

There has been no explanation why Government chose to award the oil supply contract to Trafigura when more competitive offers were available. In that contract the country paid almost twice the ruling price.

Recently the country was held to ransom  when  President Lungu and his Minister of Finance Alexander Chikwanda refused to succumb to an irregular oil price adjustment that would have cost the country an extra US20million.

Nothing has been said by the regular critics.

As a newspaper we investigated and discovered that something was totally amiss in the transaction. We reported as much but nothing was done by the Agency that should have launched a much thorough investigation.

Now we can report that we even know the officer who authorised the revised contract that would have cost the country dearly. It is even ironical that Dalbit which saved the day for the country has recently come under attack for being single sourced to supply oil.

The same hypocrites, thieves and conmen have cast aspersion at Dalbit. Where were they when Trafigura charged the country double the price, where were they when Trafigura decided to withhold oil and subject the country to virtual economic sabotage?

They were quiet because the chickens were too close, their interests would have been subverted, hence their silence.

None of the very vocal politicians have questioned these massive lapses, choosing instead to attack soft targets

 Despite revelations that the shortage of petroleum products that almost brought Zambia to a standstill between March and April this years was as a result of  a corruption scandal in which the country could have lost US$20 million through an oil supplying contract that would have cost the country $20million they have remained unmoved.

If the ACC did not hear President Edgar Lungu say something about the shortage of petroleum, then we should remind them.

The President said the shortage should be investigated as some people wanted to benefit from the transaction. Since the President made this order, we have not heard anything from the ACC.

Then there is the Tedworth Property rental scandal which the ACC has refused to investigate despite the Lusaka High Court ordering an investigation.

It is surprising that even after High Court Judge Philip Musonda ruled in favour of the ACC as the rightful agency to be the custodian of the Tedworth Properties and not the Bank of Zambia, the agency decided to appeal the ruling.

What kind of nonsense is this?

We wonder why the ACC is failing to investuigate the disappearance of US$1.3 million which was received by the Bank of Zambia as payments for renting out Tedworth Properties.

Who is managing the properties and what tender procedures were used to select the person doing so?

Was there an account opened in New York under the name of Tedworth limited where the rentals were supposed to be deposited? If so who opened the account and who was going to run it when Twedwoth was for all purposes based in Zambia as per Pacra records?

We can go on and on but these two cases stand out prominently as they involve millions of Kwacha.

The ACC is failing in its cardinal duties of investigating and prosecuting corruption because there are far too many interest groups that are controlling its activities.

We have no doubt that not all is well and the sooner the Government reconsiders the people behind the ACC and the other  security institutions, this country will grind into perpetual rot and corruption.

Our politicians from the opposition are too busy in their vacuous political verbiage to spare a thought to the serious issues of governance in which they should be paying a corrective role. They would rather concentrate on undermining statehouse in the hope that they can get there by default.

Corruption must be fought by all.

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