Wynter Kabimba formed his political party with a hidden agenda of running to the international community if arrested for the alleged corrupt practices he may have engaged in while he served as Justice minister, PF secretary general Davis Chama has said.

When contacted for a comment, Mr. Kabimba said he doesn’t speak to the Daily Nation.

“I don’t speak to the Daily Nation. Bye bye,” said Mr. Kabimba before cutting the line.

Mr Chama said he did not think Mr Kabimba formed Rainbow Party to form Government but as a vehicle which he could use to complain to the international community.

“I can tell you that Wynter Kabimba formed his political party with a hidden agenda. Probably he wants when he is arrested to cry to the international community that he is being harassed. He wants the international community to say that the PF government is persecuting opposition political party leaders. I don’t think he formed that political party and become the leader for the sake of forming government,” said Mr. Chama.

Addressing congregants at the Makeni Central Seventh Day Adventist Church last week, Mr. Kabimba said the church should not put into power individuals or leaders who were corrupt and survived on bribes.

Mr. Kabimba appealed to the church to seriously help the nation to put into power responsible and non-corrupt leaders.

But Mr. Chama said Mr. Kabimba owes an explanation to the people of Zambia about where he had suddenly gotten the money he was dishing out and buying vehicles with after leaving Government eight months ago.

In an interview with the Daily Nation, Mr. Chama said Mr. Kabimba should tell the people of Zambia where he has suddenly gotten the money from and become rich to the extent of buying vehicles for his political party in all the 10 provinces.

“It is Mr. Kabimba who is flashing money and now distributing vehicles he got during the time he served as minister of Justice and as PF secretary general which he has not accounted for,” said Mr. Chama.

He wondered why Mr. Kabimba had not reported corrupt elements in the PF to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) if he had evidence of any corruption in the party he served as secretary general eight months ago.

Mr Chama said Mr. Kabimba had an obligation to report any perceived corruption in the PF to the ACC and to prove his allegations, adding that it would be prudent for the Rainbow Party leader to explain his links with some oil companies in the Middle East too.

He said President Edgar Lungu’s Government was open to any form of investigations unlike when Mr. Kabimba was party secretary general.

“And Wynter has not explained where he has gotten the money he bought those vehicles he is using for campaigns. He has not explained to the people of Zambia where he has suddenly gotten the money he is flashing around because he had no such monies before he became minister of Justice. Where has he gotten the money from?” said Mr. Chama.



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