Cartel behind Kaseba’s ‘eviction’


CABINET sources have revealed that the  letter of eviction to former first lady Christine Kaseba from 8 Reedbuck Lodge was generated by the cartel at “Bwinjimfumu” with the sole purpose of invoking public anger against President Edgar Lungu.

The letter was however intercepted by State authorities before it could be delivered.

Cabinet sources have told the Daily Nation that the purported letter of eviction was authored on 10th June but before it could be delivered, State House was informed and that the authors were called and advised against proceeding with the plan because it was only going to embarrass Dr Kaseba.

And now, former deputy minister of Tourism in the Levy Mwanawasa administration, Nedson Nzowa, is demanding a full investigation into the matter so that Zambians could know why a newspaper could embark on such clandestine acts with the aim of creating an impression that President Lungu did not care about the Sata family.

It has been revealed that after State House was informed that an eviction letter had been authored by Bwinjimfumu on behalf of 8 Reedbuck Lodge asking Dr Kaseba to vacate the premises, three senior State House aides were tasked to handle the matter.

The source said the authors of the letter had planned their act in a manner such that the letter was going to be used as a leaked document to avoid the possibility of tracing it to the source.

The source stated that Dr Kaseba and her allies had been planning the eviction story and that on the day she left 8 Reedbuck Lodge, she made sure that they knew where she was going and a journalist was sent to take pictures at her mother’s residence.

The Daily Nation has been informed that it was logically and practically impossible for them to have taken three hours looking for Dr Kaseba after she vacated 8 Reedbuck Lodge which was within Lusaka when the newspaper had been in contact and planning together the purported eviction.

The Cabinet official said State House Minister Mulenga Sata took the personal effort to advise Dr Kaseba against her actions but that the former first lady could not listen and went ahead executing the plan to embarrass President Lungu and cause public odium.

“The letter to evict Dr Kaseba from 8 Reedbuck Lodge was generated by Bwinjimfumu (Post Newspaper) on or about 10th June, 2015.

It was intended to be a leaked document but before it could be published, State House intercepted it and President Edgar Lungu directed three of his senior aides to deal with the matter. One of the aides called the editors of the Post newspapers advising them to abort the project because it was going to boomerang and embarrass the former first lady and that was why the story that was published about her eviction ended up being a point of order in Parliament.

Even former president Sata’s son Mulenga Sata who is State House minister took personal efforts to persuade Dr Kaseba against her actions but she did not listen,” the source said.

And Mr Nzowa said Dr Kaseba was not the first of the former first ladies to have been afforded the conditions she was enjoying as Vera Chiluba and Maureen Mwanawasa had passed through the same without any form of acrimony.

Mr Nzowa said if the eviction letter was forged, it was important for all State investigative wings to get involved and probe the people who could have hatched such a plan.

“Whoever authored the letter should be answerable because that letter was not supposed to be addressed to Dr Kaseba. The owner of the lodge should also help Government particularly that he has had a long standing agreement of housing former presidents or their spouses. Government has been paying a lot of money for Dr Kaseba to the tune of more than K2.2 million of taxpayers’ money and instead of Dr Kaseba appreciating, she elected to embarrass President Lungu,” he said.

Mr Nzowa said as a former trade unionist, he was upset that taxpayers’ money was being spent on people who had everything in their lives at the expense of the many mothers and widows who had nowhere to run to but to be in the streets.

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