Pule counsels Kaseba

CHRISTIAN Democratic Party (CDP) president Dan Pule has advised former first lady Dr. Christine Kaseba Sata to deeply reflect on her conduct and the embarrassment she has created for herself, the Sata family and Government.

Dr Pule said Dr Kaseba should reflect  on whether it was worth her status as former first lady to leave accommodation arranged by Government when she was not the tenant.

In an interview with the Daily Nation, Dr. Pule said he was disturbed and perturbed that Dr. Kaseba had shown lack of responsibility in the manner she had handled her accommodation predicament.

Dr. Pule said the whole episode has brought to light the need for Zambians to take care of their parents.

“We know the Sata family, even Dr. Kaseba herself, has the means to live in a better house, but her conduct has just shown us that as Zambians we need to look after our parents because with the resources the Sata family have, I am sure they should have built a better house for their parents and it should not have been an issue which is being debated today,” he said.

He said Dr. Kaseba had created unnecessary debate in order to create the impression that President Edgar Lungu and the PF Government did not care for her welfare.

“The publicity by the enemies of Government has been unnecessary and in fact it has a bearing on Dr. Kaseba herself because it shows how much she neglected her parents to allow them to live in that small house when she has the means and capacity to build them a much bigger house befitting their status,” he said.

Dr. Pule said Zambians were aware that the Sata family had property dotted around Lusaka and it was total blackmail for Dr. Kaseba to act in the manner she did because she was well aware that Government had done what it could to resolve the eviction threat.

“We all know the Sata family that they have better property dotted around Lusaka and if she did not like that place she would have just gone in one of the houses around Lusaka and live there rather than casting aspersion on both the Sata family and Government by suggesting that she was not looked after,” Dr Pule said.

He said that Dr. Kaseba’s conduct had given Zambia bad publicity that Zambians did not look after their parents well, including former first families.

“My advise to Dr. Kaseba is to stop this whole drama because it is  not building anybody at all but creating unnecessary embarrassment on her part and that of Government when the Government was taking care of her and her family,” said Dr. Pule.

Dr. Pule said there was no need for anybody to prolong the debate about Dr. Kaseba and her accommodation because it did not build national unity apart from promoting personal and political hatred as exhibited through the debates going own.

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  1. I agree, but looks like Pule wants to join PF. Why don’t you just swallow your pride brother?

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