Lungu’s anti-cartel stance praised


PETITIONERS who have asked the High Court to ascertain the legality of holding Presidential elections in 2016 have threatened to drag Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) president Edith Nawakwi to court for contempt if she continued commenting on the matter.

Simemeza Syachoke has told the Daily Nation that the trio is contemplating suing Ms. Nawakwi because she had continued to attack President Edgar Lungu over the matter before court.

Mr. Syachoke explained that it was illogical for Ms. Nawakwi to continue talking about an issue when she was among the defendants in the case.

He explained that Ms. Nawakwi risked being dragged to court because she was committing contempt of court.

“We want to warn Ms. Nawakwi to desist from commenting on this issue because she is a defendant and this case is before the courts of law. We will take her to court for contempt. There is no way someone who is a defendant can continue to insult the President because the president never dragged anyone to court. Our issue is about a Constitutional breach and we expect her to offer her views when we meet in court.

“Our humble appeal is for her to stop making sentiments aimed at attacking the President because the president did not instruct anyone of us to file the petition before the High Court. People should not take our move to be a political one but this is purely a constitutional observation which has nothing to do with political benefit from anyone,” he said.

He explained that the trio is getting incensed with the behaviour of the FDD leader whom he said was using any opportunity given to her by the media to attack President Lungu and his Cabinet, even on matters she was not supposed to do so.

“Why is she scared? Why can’t she wait for the matter to commence so that she can make her submissions in court if she believes that there was anything wrong with our petition? She is a respondent in this matter and we expect her to behave herself so that she is not found wanting.

However, if she continues discussing this issue in the Press, we will have no option but to drag her to court for contempt,” he warned.

Mr. Syachoke and two others have petitioned the High Court over the legality of holding elections in 2016 when the constitution says a presidential term was five years.