Take Zesco warning seriously


When nature speaks, everybody listens.

The announcement that ZESCO intends to carry out more load shedding in future should be taken with the seriousness it deserves from all well-meaning Zambians because it affects all of us.

ZESCO has enjoyed the monopoly of supplying power to the nation since time immemorial and this has made the power utility company not to think about alternatives.

One wonders how on earth we can have eight hours of load shedding on a daily basis and this just the middle of the year.

This means come September/October, the nation must brace itself for 24 hour load shedding.

It is from this that as citizens we must start critically thinking of alternative sources of light and heat. Charcoal and candle will provide the immediate short time solution but this goes with dire consequences such as houses catching fire at night and suffocation for those in painted houses.

Some sections of society have suggested that ZESCO must diversify to other sources such as solar energy.

I beg to disagree with such, but it’s time the Government or indeed other stakeholders such as the mines think of investing heavily in alternative energy sources such as wind and thermal.

We all have contributed to the low levels of the water due to our activities which have led to the depletion of the ozone layer and the end result is low rainfall which has in turn affected supply of electricity.

Unless serious consideration is paid to invest in solar or wind or indeed oil as proposed by Elias Chipimo Jar in his manifesto, the nation is heading towards a blackout.

Strategic institutions such as hospitals, mines, military cantonments, schools etc need to have stand-by generators because the worst is still to come; hence when nature speaks, everyone listens!




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