Well done Lungu


Shame! to the enemies of our humble President. He has again shown how popular he has become by winning the three parliamentary by-elections. Lungu, continue bringing all tribes together.

Mulenga Simon, Mporokoso





Kudos to Mr. Mulusa


Kudos to Mr. Mulusa for his timely action on those trucks parked in Buyantanshi Road in Lusaka. I cannot believe management of Tazama allowed such impunity at their premises. Fuel was being siphoned from trucks in broad daylight and fuel storage dens dotted all the way from ICT to Zalawi. This is anarchy.

Nico Mhango, Chawama





When the going gets tough   


It is not surprising to read that the Post has sought redress in our courts of law, the courts they have no respect for. It appears the going is now getting tough for them.

Micky, Lusaka





Congratulations Dora


Kindly allow me to congratulate Hon. Dora Siliya through your widely read newspaper for retaining the Petauke Central constituency. You have shamed the idol worshippers. Congratulations Dora, congratulations PF. Glory be to the God of fairness.

Mwape K, Lusaka





Lungu should help retirees 


I totally agree with Mr. Edwin Sakala that President Lungu should add on his priorities list the plight of retrenchees and retirees who have not been paid their terminal benefits for a very long time. Thank you ZDDM President.

E.A. Serenje, Lusaka





ZESCO doesn’t follow time table 


We appreciate that ZESCO has to load shed due to circumstances beyond their control. We welcome their initiative to publish load shedding timetables. What is really annoying is that ZESCO does not follow its own timetable. This is not good for planning purposes. ZESCO please save us from this double agony.

RMN, Kitwe






PF will win in 2016


PF winning all three parliamentary seats is a total reflection of 2016 general elections because Zambians have seen what PF Government is doing in terms of development. No amount of malice and slander will deter Zambians not to vote for Edgar Lungu.

Abdul, Lusaka





Students should be

different from cadres 


UNZA and CBU protesting students have muscles not brains, yet the brain is stronger than muscle. Use your intellectual ability. You are not cadres.

Sailee Nyondo, Kabwe