Inonge Wina condemns falsehoods


THE country has manufactured a factory of falsehoods through certain media organizations, Vice President Inonge Wina has said.

She said this yesterday in Parliament during the Vice President’s question for oral answer.

This was in response to a question raised by MMD Nalikwanda Member of Parliament Professor Geoffrey Lungwangwa who wanted to know how Government hoped to unite the nation when there was hate currently going on among politicians, citing violence that characterized the just ended by-elections in Mulobezi.

She said that Government knew the leaders who were agitating violence through certain sections of the media.

The Vice President said that it was incumbent upon all political leaders to discourage their followers from engaging in violence.

“Some sections of the media are sensationalizing ill feeling of towards President Edgar Lungu by publishing images of pangas. It is incumbent upon all the political leaders to ensure that their people do not engage in violence. It does not pay for violence to be perpetrated,” she said.

Ms. Wina said the Patriotic Front Government had always condemned violence by anyone regardless of their political affiliation.

She urged leaders of different political parties to learn to sit down and dialogue with their colleagues for the good of the nation.

And the Vice President has refuted claims by the opposition that district commissioners had been turned into cadres and were campaigning for the ruling party.

She said DCs were civil servants who carried out different duties in their various districts.

“If a DC is found in the district it means they are working because that is their job and we should not accuse them of campaigning for the PF,” she said amidst laughter from Members of Parliament. Ms. Wina urged those who doubted the status of DCs to consult with Cabinet Office.

She was responding to a question from UPND Pemba Member of Parliament Mutinta Mazoka who wanted to know why DCs had allegedly gone out to campaign and organize for PF party during the just ended by-elections.

Meanwhile Ms. Wina told the House that allegations of corruption at Zesco would remain mere perception because no one had reported the matter to investigative wings. She was responding to Lubasenshi independent Member of Parliament Patrick Mucheleka who wanted to know the measures Government had taken to restore public confidence in the power utility company in light of alleged corruption at the institution.

The Vice President encouraged those who had evidence of corruption at Zesco to report management to the Anti-Corruption Commission instead of just making speculations.