Kabimba unfit to fight corruption


RAINBOW Party leader Wynter Kabimba must know that he was shielded by President Michael Sata (late) after the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) summoned him to answer allegations of corrution, former deputy minister of Transport Alfred Ndhlovu has said.

In an interview Mr. Ndhlovu said it was difficult to fight corruption when certain individuals with favour from leaders were made to go scot free from prosecution.

He said Zambians know that Mr. Kabimba was facing corruption allegations and the probe was stopped by President Sata who was not happy with ACC probing his senior government officials.

“Rainbow Party leader Wynter Kabimba was summoned to appear before the Anti-Corruption Commission over the US$500million Trafigura Oil deal and it was Mr. Sata who stopped the investigations. And if Kabimba had clean hands he should not have been summoned, if he wanted to fight corruption he should have reported Trafigura, if Kabimba had clean hands he could have reported the Trafigura Oil corruption scandal he was involved,” said Mr. Ndhlovu.

He said the fight against corruption in Zambia would be difficult because it lacked conerted efforts. “Corruption is supposed to be fought by everybody. The problem I have seen is that those who talk the most about corruption are the corrupt themselves,” Mr Ndhlovu said.

He said it was lack of morality on the part of Mr. Kabimba to start praising Mr. Sata, a man who saved him from corruption prosecution as his hero today, adding that Zambians knew what kind of leaders would be helpful to the fight against corruption. “Kabimba was shielded by the same person he is praising today, Mr. Sata stopped the investigations against Kabimba and how do we fight corruption like that and with such people like Kabimba who storm the commission with thugs and threatened officials?”.

“Kabimba’s hands were dented with the corruption allegations but he is talking about it now to look as if he is committed to the fight against corruption when in-fact not, he cannot not talk about corruption in a straight forward manner because of the Trafigura issues,” Mr Ndhlovu said.

Mr. Kabimba was quoted as having said that the death of Mr. Sata opened the floodgates of corruption in the country.