Scott lying


…his claims are total nonsense – Kapata

THE Patriotic Front is not shocked that former vice-president Dr. Guy Scott is peddling lies suggesting that President Edgar Lungu entered into a deal with former president Rupiah Banda because from the word go, Dr. Scott was against President Lungu becoming President, Tourism and Arts minister Jean Kapata has said.

In an interview yesterday, Ms. Kapata said people who knew the role Dr. Scott played during the three months transition after the death of President Michael Sata would see that Dr. Scott’s claims were total nonsense.

“If I read him correctly he said he was there when the agreement and the relationship was being discussed between PF and former president Rupiah Banda. That is totally nonsense. What he is saying doesn’t even make sense because Guy Scott from the word go was against President Edgar Lungu. So at what point did he attend such discussions between Mr. Banda and the PF,” asked Ms. Kapata who was an insider of President Lungu’s managers.

Ms. Kapata has, however, urged Dr Scott to keep quiet and stop peddling lies to fit his agenda because it would soon destroy him.

She said Dr. Scott worked had to destroy the PF after the death of president Sata because he was not happy that President Lungu was going to take over the leadership.

“He must just shut up and he should not talk about it because he really messed the PF. He was Vice President but the late president did not appoint him acting President. You can see immediately the President died Dr. Scott and his friends schemed on  how to get power away from Ba Lungu and demanded for the convention and they wanted President Lungu not to win, but he won and beat them to their own game,” said Ms. Kapata.

Ms. Kapata challenged Dr. Scott to explain where the party got funds from to hold the convention in Kabwe because the party did not have money.

“I don’t know where Dr. Scott got the money but they said they had the money, so we went, they know where they got the money from, and we did not have the money.

Those people don’t even come for Central Committee meetings, they have just discharged themselves. Because Guy doesn’t come for the Central Committee meetings despite being a member of the Central Committee. Masebo was fired, Ba Emmanuel Chenda comes, he was financial chairperson for the Central Committee, but they should know. We don’t know,” she said.

Dr. Scott was reported as having said he was part of the process to co-opt the MMD into the PF during the 20th January 2015 presidential election.

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