Loner Mucheleka condemned


Hon. Mucheleka’s outbursts are typical of a loner seeking company. As an independent MP he has no team mates hence desperately casting his net on shallow waters. He knows his days are numbered in Parliament. What else do you expect from someone who neither belongs to a party in Government nor party as a Government in waiting. Let him leave RB alone. Let him know that the truth always triumphs. We now wait the restoration of his immunity by Parliament. Viva judiciary, viva Zambia.

P.M Zulu





Cartel behind appeal against RB’s acquittal


The drive for appeal against RB is by the cartel. Those should be ashamed of the verdict they forget Andrew Banda should feel ashamed to be associated with the party whose leadership is not happy to see him. What has changed when they opposed the removal of his immunity?

Mr. Chinyanta




Opposition totally irrelevant


If the opposition political parties are to be relevant in our country they should not just criticize but offer alternatives to the many problems that the country is facing. For example ZESCO black outs, the depreciating kwacha and the rationing of water supply by Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company. These are problems that need solutions and we should come together and sort them out.

W.N, Lusaka





Support Chipolopolo Boys


We should not be weary of supporting our team whether they win or lose. Let us continue supporting the Chipolopolo Boys.

Concerned soccer fan





Politics of hate, tribalism out


The politics of hate and tribalism should not be tolerated in our country Zambia. We should not be bitter as a Christian nation. Many countries where there are civil wars today were once peaceful but because of tribalism and hate today they are fighting. We must strive to sow seeds of love and not hatred.

Jackson Tembo, Lusaka





Churches have become

business houses


The Registrar of Societies should move in and sucritinize some of these so called men of God. It is true that Zambia is a Christian nation but people should not take advantage of people’s problems. Many of these prophets are only interested in money. These churches have become like businesses today.

Concerned citizen






Guy Scout a wound reopening


Mr. Guy Scott you are like an old wound that had healed then it manifests itself again after you had healed and forgotten about. You are better off quiet and invisible from the public whom you tried to send into a burning abyss hardly 5 months ago.

Nico Mhango, Chawama