Kabwata residents sue LCC over land



KABWATA residents have petitioned the Lusaka High Court so that it can order a stop to the alleged illegal sale and construction of a mall by a Chinese company, Hua Feng Construction.

The Lusaka City Council has offered land around the Looters Basketball and Tennis Court land in Libala to Hua Feng to construct a shopping mall.

Group representative Clement Tembo has petitioned the court to stop any construction or sale of the Looters Basketball and Tennis Court land by the council and to also halt Hua Feng, a Chinese construction company from carrying out any construction activities as it was not in public interest.

In the petition, Mr. Tembo who wants to stand as member of Parliament in next year’s elections, also wants the High Court to order that the community should have a stake in all developmental activities taking place on the said land.

“The plaintiff’s claim is for an order to halt the 2nd defendant from building the mall so that the community can have a percentage in the ownership or stake of the new investment: secondly Mr Tembo is arguing that the residents who are owners of the said property were not consulted by the 1st defendant who is a local authority which administrates in the governing of local structures in the communities on behalf of residents,” the petition filed on Friday last week stated.

Mr. Tembo said in his affidavit that the Looters basketball and tennis courts were both used by the community for sporting activities and if the courts did not stop such construction activities by the Chinese construction company after the land was secretly sold by the Lusaka City Council who were entrusted to administer the same property, the community would lose out.

He accused the Lusaka City Council of having sold the land to Hua Feng to build a mall without consulting the residents of Kabwata constituency.

Mr. Tembo said that the sale of land to the Chinese and change of title for the sporting facility would not benefit the people in that community.

He argued that sale of the piece of land should directly benefit the residents of Kabwata constituency for the next 99 years by having a share or stake in the investment.

Allegations of corruption have surrounded the sale of Lusaka City Council property, where councillors are alleged to be disposing of property in secrecy.