The evil works of the cartel


THE acquittal  of former president Rupiah Banda of the Nigerian oil case was expected.

Hakainde Hichilema  of the UPND was 100 percent  right when he said that the Kabimba-inspired case was mere persecution .

In my opinion Wynter Kabimba, and his friends  should be charged for traversty of justice and complicity.

From the start it  was completely clear that, these guys had no case but were moved by personal bitterness to harass Rupia Banda.

looking at their naked collusion with Fred M’membe  who has relentlesly used his paper to vilify RB.

Look at the desgraced  DPP, Mutembo Nchito, who has been defended by the Post newspaper, in the same way he lamented after Kabimba was flushed out  and stripped of all the political appointments by the late Michael Sata. These guys are putting this country at danger of strife.

I remember how Jack Mwiimbu, Dora Siliya, Levy Ngoma, Victoria Kalima, among others,  fought to defend the removal of President Banda’s immunity in Parliament,  but all was in vain .

Kabimba and the Speaker of the National Assembly were adamant even in the face of a court injunction.

Dr Matibini was only giving an ear to Wynter Kabimba at that time and ignored Hon. Mwiimbu who had a paper from the High Court.This is how evil the cartel is in this Government.

We saw how Mutembo Nchito had to travel to Nigeria to gather for  fake evidence while the trial was on.

Today Fred M’membe could say and quote his league of friends  like this character Suraj from Nigeria.

Fred M’membe  should respect our courts, if he believes in democracy.

Study the evidence that led to the aquittal. Mutembo had no credible witnesses, he had arresting officers who failed to interview or neglected to travel to Singapore to collect evidence of an account which was alleged to have been used to deposit the proceeds of the oil deal.

No single official from State House of Nigeria  came to confirm the correspondence information which Rupiah Banda was communicating with his late friend President Yaradua.

Fred M’membe and his friends wanted a court to overlook all such inconsistency in evidence and convict Mr Banda at all cost. Is this humane?

I also blame those who run the presidency in this country. You have embarrased this institution.

We cannot be the only country in SADC where you allow your past presidents to be  victimised  by wrong characters outside the civil service.

There is need to cut politics from the institution that controls the presidency. Look at the mess we have created.

In the past our country was isolated because we had President Sata who listened  to a gang of people outside the civil service and messed up .

I thank God President Lungu   has done extremely well in a short time to win the hearts of our neighbours.

Hezron Daka.