Who will win the 2014/2015 Born N’ Bred Music Video Awards?


HE Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation’s Born and Bred Music Video Awards takes place next month on the 22nd in Lusaka at the Mass Media Complex.

The annual show which enters its seventh year now has continued to boast as one of the country’s prestigious music video awards that was set under the motivation of bettering locally-produced music videos.

Its initial aim was also to create competition among Zambian artists with the idea of making the producers work harder and showcase quality videos that will help Zambia meet international standards. Whether this has been achieved or not, is a story for another day.

It is however pleasing to note that the show has improved from strength to strength despite some notable flaws which makes some critics find it to be infamous. For example, this year’s show has come way to late suggesting inconsistency on the part of the organisers as most awards take place in the first quarter of the year or the very end of the year.

There has also been complaints from some of the artists that feel they had great videos but their works did not form the list of nominees and worse still, did not find airplay on the Born N’ Bread show.

Nevertheless, it is exciting to note that the show takes place next month and that organisers have been working round the clock to make sure fans get the best out of it. Expectations of a good, glamorous and fascinating event are so high considering that the Zambian audience has now been exposed to well-organised international awards.

Congratulations to my friend and colleague, Innocent Kalaluka aka Smooth IK who is the brain behind the awards for keeping the event going despite the many challenges and criticism.

What is important is that he and his entire team have made Born N’ Bread Music Video Awards stand out to be one of Zambia’s own production that has over the years attracted a huge following and helped build careers from music.

It is worth mentioning that The 2014/2015 Born N’ Bred Awards is not only set to be interesting but seems to be highly-competitive with over 50 nominees in 14 categories. That is quite huge and commendable hence giving us the reason to ask who really will walk out with the video of the year award, the biggest prize of the night.

Since the videos and voting is mainly decided by the fans via various avenues including social media, the best way to predict who the biggest winners for the night will be is to critically look at the categories and see who stands a chance as there is a combination of new and old guns in the game.

Of course, the biggest and most interesting award to everyone is the best video of the year which will only be revealed on the night of the event. However, categories like best male and best female as well as best Zed gives you a clue.

In the best male category are five big and hard-working names like Slappdee with his anthem, “Waumfwa,” Jay Rox of Zone Fam with, “Auto Pilot,” and Macky2’s “So much more”. Others in the category are gospel singer Able Chungu Musuka with “Forever” and “Ndafilwa Ukuicindika” by Chef 187 who also won a Zambian Music Award for the best collaboration with Afunika.

Two interesting things come out in this category; Chef 187 is tied with his brother Macky2. Additionally Able Chungu is featuring prominently in a category one would say is dominated by hip hop artists.

This particular group is so tough that one cannot avoid bringing out the XYZ vs. Kopala talk because of Slapdee and Macky2’s presence. Jay Rox has a huge fan base and will enjoy some advantage in this category though it will really be tough to predict the winner.

The other tightly-contested category like expected is the best female which pits Mampi’s “Love Recipe” against ‘rival’ Kay Figo with “Love Song”, Franciar’s “Namiyewa”, Kachanana’s “Ndipita” and Salma Sky feat. Cactus with “Don’t Stop”.

I have seen all the videos in this category and I must admit that the winner will really ride on the fan base they have though Salma Sky and Mampi stand the chance.

The hip hop category is not only closer to my heart but features artists that would not in their normal lives compete against each other. This category brings head to head XYZ’s Slapdee with his label mate Bobby East on songs, “Like That,” and “Do or Die” respectively. Further, the group adds Ruff Khaida, a closer association of the XYZ family with his song, “Ka Chabe Chabe”. Chef 187 also bounces back in this category with the song, “Ndafilwa ukuicindika” and Eddy Black seals it all in the hip hop category with, “Where are you”.

In this one, Slapdee’s “Like That” may take it.

It is interesting to also monitor the best Zed Representative category as it is surely a battle of the strong. Here JK’s “Paduze” feat. Yemi Alade comes up against his peer and long-term colleague Crisis now based in Australia with “That’s the way it is.”

Roberto’s “Amarulah” is also standing firm in this category which concludes with Theo and Portia in “Lollapaloboza” and “Addition” respectively. Here, my money is split on Roberto and JK.

I  further notice that even as competitive as the categories are, it is worth mentioning that some artists have managed to earn more than one nomination and that would give a hint as to who has done so much work in the 2014-15 calendar. Jay Rox, T-Sean, Slapdee and Chef 187 are among many that feature more than once this year and it will surely be fair for each one of them to pick at least a prize.

Among the many prominent new entrants this year includes Wilz with “Toliwe”, the lady Nyemba with “Yelele” and of course, Tiye P with “Munjeleleko”

The gospel category, best foreign and best traditional are all among the regular categories of the Born N’ Bred Awards and it will be exciting to know who among the many contenders will join the list of winners of the video of the year award that includes CQ(2009), JK(2010), Zone Fam(2011) and Macky2 ( 2012 and 2013). The battle is surely on as voting via sms and other means continue.