Biased ACC Rebuked

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and other State investigative wings with their current administration are incapable of genuinely fighting corruption because they have been converted into tools for persecution by a clique of individuals fighting President Edgar Lungu, Patriotic Front (PF) national mobilisation chairman Paul Moonga has said.

And political activist Henry Shambulo Mungala has charged that the ACC has been rendered a biased institution by well-connected and powerful corrupt individuals who are running the institution from outside through their proxies.

Mr Moonga said revelations that the ACC was planning to arrest newly appointed Local Government Commission (LGC) chairperson Christa Kalulu had exposed the commission over its selective in its corruption investigations.

Mr Moonga told the Daily Nation yesterday that it was baffling that the commission could decide to resurrect an issue against Ms Kalulu that occurred four years ago soon after she had been appointed by President Lungu to head the Local Government Commission.

He said it had become crystal clear that the ACC and other State investigative wings were being used by people who had over the years mastered the art of manipulating presidents and were not happy that President Lungu had proved to be his own man by refusing to be colonised or to be held hostage.

Mr Moonga said the PF was alert to the fact the ACC had lamentably failed to investigate the Trafigura oil scandal in which Zambians lost more than US250 million in a transaction that saw former PF secretary general and Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba being summoned as a corruption suspect.

He said it was public knowledge that the ACC were glossing over the disappearance of US4.2 million loan from Finance Bank obtained by the defunct Zambian Airways and yet the commission was pursuing people with issues that occurred long before the PF formed Government.

Mr Moonga said the ACC had a lot of current corruption cases that could be pursued but wondered why they were targeting Ms Kalulu when the Commission could have done that before she was appointed to her new portfolio.

And Mr Mungala expressed worry that the ACC had failed to bring to book corrupt individuals involved in the looting of Tedworth Properties in which more than US$1.3million disappeared despite the matter being reported to the institution.

Mr. Mungala said it was unfortunate that ACC was being used and controlled by a powerful corrupt cartel.

He said it was not the plunder and looting of sequestrated properties under Tedworth Properties alone but also the failure by the ACC and the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) to bring to book people involved in the US$4.2million loan at Finance Bank which has not been paid back.

He said it was unfortunate that institution of security wings in the country had a twofold kind of corruption with one involving of probing of the poor while the corrupt rich and powerful remained scot-free.