Cartel instigating Tongas to rise against PF Govt


THE cartel is instigating people from Southern Province to rise against the Patriotic Front Government and President Edgar Lungu in particular by promoting tribalism and hate speech, says Lusaka Province PF youth chairman Kennedy Kamba.

Ironically, UPND and its president Hichilema Hakainde are not the intended beneficiaries of the new putsch which is intended to pave way for  a  new emergent force under  the Rainbow Party led coalition.

“They intend to capitalize on the disaffection created by the failure of HH and UPND to win the Presidency in the previous three elections by creating a new coalition of Rainbow and some known UPND rebels who are ready to ditch the party for the new prospect that may garner  more numbers beyond the Southern Province.”

Mr. Kamba said the current scheme was well planned and aimed at bringing down President Lungu and the PF Government while promoting the image of Rainbow Party  that  it would provide new hope for a larger Bantubotatwe  group.

He said it was not about tribalism but political power which the cartel wanted to have at all cost.

He said that he was not shocked that some media houses had continued to write negative and tribal stories targeted at the Tonga-speaking people of Southern Province for the people to rise against President Lungu.

Mr. Kamba wondered why  these  media houses and their allies had taken a destructive route which had the potential  to plunge the country into serious acrimony and unrest ahead of the next general elections.

“Where do these people want to take this country to by promoting tribalism and hate speech against the PF and the Tongas? I know that this fight is not about the Tongas but the PF and President Lungu,” said Mr. Kamba.

“All what we know is that this matter is water under the bridge. Now because of their interest to divide the nation on regional and tribal lines they are also building the image of Rainbow Party president Wynter Kabimba by insinuating that PF is a tribal party that hates Tongas,” he said.

“They are inciting people from the Southern Province to rise against the PF Government and President Edgar Lungu in particular who they did not support at all.

“ The  cartel has been promoting tribalism by scheming on how to bring down President Lungu and the PF Government next year and this tribal scheme has become deadly and dangerous as it is strongly growing roots of divisions at the instigation of these people,” said Mr. Kamba.

He said the named media house was not creating an environment for the country to reconcile but dividing it speedily, adding that if this was not stopped Zambia would face serious political and tribal crisis next year