Court orders man to get his pregnant daughter

A LOCAL Court in Lusaka has ordered a 56-year-old man who forced his daughter to be married to a man who impregnated her to get her because there was no marriage between them.

Senior Court Magistrate Ackim Phiri sitting with Magistrates Sarah Nyendwa and Daniel Phiri at Kanyama Local Court ordered Rayford Chole of John Laing compound to get his daughter from Zacheas Kayafwa, 22, also of John Laing who sued her for reconciliation.

Kayafwa told the Court that they agreed that Chole will get his daughter when the child is born in 2013 but now the child is two years old he is refusing to get back his daughter.

Kayafwa explained that he was charged K6,000 and he has since paid K500 down payment for damage but he still refuses to get her.

Asked by the court if he wanted to marry the daughter of Chole, Kayafwa said he has no intentions of marrying her.

In defence, Chole said that on June 15, 2015 when they sat they charged Kayafwa K6000 for damage.

Chole wanted to leave his daughter with Kayafwa but he refused because he suspected the his daughter could be sick or even pregnant.

Asked by the court why he is not getting his daughter, Chole said that he wants Kayafwa to go with her for Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT).

Passing judgment, Magistrate Ackim Phiri said that Government has put laws allowing a pregnant girls to  back toschool after delivering their babies.

He said that he should not force his daughter to get married to Kayafwa because he doesn’t love her and that he is just using her.

He ordered Chole to get his daughter and that they should

share the property they acquired together adding that his daughter can also sue Kayafwa for child maintenance.