Police nab PF C/B chief, 8 others

Patriotic Front (PF) Copperbelt provincial chairman Stephen Kainga and eight others have been arrested for their alleged involvement in the attack on United Party for National Development leader Hakainde Hichilema on Wednesday last week.

Mr Kainga was arrested together with PF Copperbelt vice youth chairman Stanley Mulumbwa popularly known as ‘Chandindi’, some jerabos and three other PF members.

PF members on Wednesday evening attacked the UPND entourage and stopped the UPND leader from featuring on a paid for Programme on Radio Icengelo.

Copperbelt Police Chief Joyce Kasosa said nine had been arrested, but some had been released and could not disclose how many were still in police custody.

“I can confirm that we have arrested some people in connection with the Wednesday attack where the UPND leader and his entourage were attacked in Kitwe. We had arrested nine people but some have been released on police bond. As at now, I am not sure how many are in custody.

“Two are charged with obstructing police officers, while one by the name of Chileshe is charged with being in possession of a fire arm.

“As per procedure they are remanded in custody. If the police finish the paper work then they will appear in court on Monday. We don’t release people who have been charged until after court process, “she said. Asked if it is the PF leaders in custody, Ms Kasosa said; “We do not name people by their titles or positions but by their names. So yes we have a Mr (Stephen) Kainga (PF Copperbelt Chairman), a (Stanley) Chandindi, and a Chileshe, these are the ones I can remember.”