UPND should ask GBM to resign

If UPND is serious about forming government next year,the best thing they can do is to ask GBM to resign from PF and go for a by-election.

In fact since both HH and GBM claim they have wealth, they can sponsor the Government to run those by elections.

Otherwise people will perceive UPND to be so desperate and power-hungry to gain power at all costs.

Every one knows that UPND is trying its best to have more support base in Northern Province but one cannot choose a wrong path in order to gain a right path. It is suicidal and self-defeatist thinking.

Let us not down play the intelligence and wisdom of common people.

People see through selfish and greedy disposition and they cannot allow themselves to be used as tools for one’s selfish gain.

Let us not throw right principles to the wind  for political expediency.

Enock Mukosha, Choma.

One thought on “UPND should ask GBM to resign

  1. I have failed to understand your reasoning Mr Mukosha “Phiri” You say GBM should resign from PF and yet at the same time you say UPND is in wrong path recruiting people from Northern Province.
    Where do want GBM to be? I feel you still need him in PF.

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