Zambians should be wary of Press conferences and briefings where reporters are paid for transport or any other expenses because these are nothing more than sponsored extensions of hate speech.

Editors must also watch out about these scams.

Scratch a little deeper and the true sponsors with an agenda will be discovered. Lusaka is a small town and people know when money changes hands, when venues are sponsored and reporters paid to ensure maximum coverage.

This is criminal because it amounts to misrepresentation, a crime under our laws; K10, 000 for sponsorship with a debriefing at Portico restaurant  after refuelling at Petroda filling station are  common knowledge within the media fraternity.

The truth is that desperate people will do very desperate things, and regrettably there is no shortage of hired guns in Zambia to serve as megaphones of crime, greed and avarice. If these people have something to say to the Zambian people  let them do so openly rather than hire discredited conmen who lack any sense of integrity or decency.

These hired guns have no sense of shame or indeed conscience in defending patently criminal activities. They have no principles and no integrity to protect. At the drop of the hat or promise of payment they will betray friends who innocently took them into confidence.

We will never waste our time covering events that are a deliberate attempt at cleansing wrongdoing by an individual who is on official court record condemning the very acts he is defending.

This lack of integrity is frightening, especially where a deliberate attempt is made to vilify and undermine the integrity of innocent hard working entrepreneurs who pay their taxes and observe the law.

It has been said “Integrity means doing the right thing at all times and in all circumstances, whether or not anyone is watching. It takes having the courage to do the right thing, no matter what the consequences will be. Building a reputation of integrity takes years, but it takes only a second to lose, so never allow yourself to ever do anything that would damage your integrity.”

There are those whose preoccupation has been to benefit financially from damaging the integrity and standing of other people. They now find themselves in the invidious position of answering to charges of corruption, money laundering and general dishonesty in their dealings. Instead of remorse they sponsor small time crooks and conmen to whitewash and cleanse their crimes.

This will not work, the hurt , pain and damage they have caused is deep, and like everything else a time must  come when they must face up to their crimes and pay the full price. That is the nature of life. It may take long but the time does come as the Nazi holocaust perpetrators have discovered.

If they have nothing to hide, nothing to fear and nothing to be worried of, let them face the law in the same manner they sent others to courts of law, prison and others to their ultimate rendezvous with their creator.

Our courts clear those who are innocent and imprison those who are guilty. They will even clear rape suspects. Therefore let it not be said that the courts are biased, those who feel aggrieved by judgments have higher courts to appeal to until the matter reaches its final determination.

What is not acceptable is to abuse the media to prejudice matters that are before courts of law  and to  besmirch and defame those that have already been cleared by the courts.

It has been said that the value of the trust others have in you is far beyond anything that can be measured. Every person who trusts you will spread the word of that trust to at least a few of their associates, and word of your character will spread like wildfire, but any indiscretion will bring that reputation to crash.