Cartel active, resorts to sabotage

A HIGHLY orchestrated scheme to vilify and undermine the Zambian Government through negative propaganda has been launched.

The campaign has included canvassing international legal bodies to the alleged breakdown of the rule of law in the country and the need for international intervention.

“Here at home, a group of people has been recruited to work  with people in public service to sabotage and leak sensitive information intended to portray the Government negatively image so as to achieve regime change in 2016 or much earlier,” a Patriotic Front (PF) official Paradius Sakala said.

He explained that large headlines against President Lungu and the PF were meant to demoralize and undermine Government in the hope of promoting the new Rainbow Party which has a named newspaper as a major sponsor and facilitator for regime change.

“They hope that with regime change, their huge debt and criminality will be forgives and written off by friendly president,” he said.

He stated that a State installations sabotage schedule had been drawn that will see institutions such as Zesco, Indeni Oil Refinery and Zamtel among others undermined by the notorious cartel so that they could fail to provide their mandated services with the aim to invoke public anger and cause an uprising against President Lungu and his Government.

A dossier detailing the activities of how Government is going to be sabotaged and blackmailed using State installations most of which are said be still infiltrated by members of the cartel has been prepared.

And Paradius Sakala has said that President Lungu should not take it for granted that the Patriotic Front (PF) had reconciled and buried its differences following his election in January because some of the people he was working with had not shelved their ambitions and were determined to see him leave State House next year.

Mr Sakala, a losing parliamentary candidate in Kapoche Constituency in 2011 said the transition period following the death of President Michael Sata was an acrimonious one and that the ruling party had not completely healed and reconciled from its differences.

Mr Sakala said the cartel that held former president Sata hostage and almost hijacked State power had planted a lot of its agents in Government institutions such as Zesco, Indeni Oil Refinery and Zamtel among others and that the elements were working hard to sabotage the institutions so that Zambians can rise against President Lungu. He said Zambians and President Lungu in particular should be surprised over the Zesco load shedding and the importation of contaminated crude oil was well-predicted by some opposition political leaders.

Mr Sakala said there was a real possibility that most State installations such as Zesco and Indeni were being held hostage by members of the cartel whose motive was to bring down the PF Government after their schemes to take over power were thwarted.

“President Lungu should not think that by appointing some of the people who challenged him means that such people have shelved their ambitions.

The other worry is that the notorious cartel we have been talking about is still active and alive. The cartel had placed a lot of its agents in a lot of strategic institutions such as Zesco, Indeni Oil Refinery and Zamtel and these people are working at sabotaging Government and cause an uprising against President Lungu,” Mr Sakala said.

One thought on “Cartel active, resorts to sabotage

  1. The Kambimba-Mmembe-Nchito-Mahtani Cartel may think that they are the wisest men in Zambia by embarking on twisting facts to discredit President Edgar Lungu. But they must know the glaring truth to the effect that Zambians know that Kabimba and Nchito were part of Sata’s Govt in the Judicial Ministry. In this regard they cannot lie to the people that Edgar Lungu is mismanaging the country.

    Lungu is hardly a year in govt for him to dismantle systems that Kabimba and Nchito dubiously put in place on behalf of the late President Sata.

    The negative part of their scheme is to destroy HH’s chances whom they have openly or publicly supported. Therefore their scheme will boomerang by effectively de-campaigning their recently acquired political star in the name of HH.

    Issues of the Oil-gate scandals and the defrauding the Development Bank of Zambia in the sum of K14 Billion is still vividly clear in the minds of the most Zambians.

    The greatest loser in this trade game of falsehoods is HH.

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