FORMER Kasama Central member of Parliament Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has politically finished himself and should not think that his money is going to make him retain his seat because poor Zambians do not like politicians whose occupation is to talk about their wealth, the Patriotic Front (PF) has charged.

And the UPND has said it will adopt Mr Mwamba (left)  if he is going to re-contest his seat but the party is surprised that Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini declared the Kasama seat vacant when the matter was still in court and had not been determined.

PF secretary general Davies Chama said Mr Mwamba, who is now United Party for National Development (UPND) vice-president for administration had become a liability to the ruling party and that was why he was expelled and should be ready for defeat because his wealth was not going to buy voters.

Mr Chama recalled that in 2001, Mr Mwamba contested the Kabwata seat under the MMD ticket and spent about K2 billion in his campaign but lost to Given Lubinda who had stood on the UPND ticket and did not have the money the former Kasama MP had at the time.

He recalled that after Mr Mwamba was defeated by Mr Lubinda, he allegedley went back to Kabwata and started demanding that he be paid back his money because the electorate and his campaign team had lied to him that he was popular and was going to win the seat.

Mr Chama said the PF was not worried about how much money Mr Mwamba and the UPND were going to pour into Kasama because Zambians were not interested in political leaders who were mocking them over their economic status in society.

He said Mr Mwamba had allegedly been mocking poor Zambians that they would vote for him on account of his money which he said was annoying the majority poor Zambians who were looking for service delivery than being belittled because of being poor.

Mr Chama said the PF was hopeful that Mr Mwamba would be adopted by the UPND to re-contest his seat so that he could be shown that he had lost value in the Zambian politics.

“Mr Mwamba was expelled from the PF because he had become a liability and we hope the UPND is going to manage to manage him because he is characteristically and politically a very unpredictable man. Mr Mwamba is politically finished and he should not think that his money will buy him his way back to Parliament. Zambians do not vote for people with money but for those who are humble and with the qualities to lead.

But Mr Kakoma said the UPND had been preparing for the Kasama by-election from the time Mr Mwamba was expelled and claimed that the political mood in Northern Province had completely changed because Zambians were not happy with the PF government.

Mr Kakoma said the UPND was going to make sure Mr Mwamba retained his seat and that the opposition party was going to do everything to make sure it got its first parliamentary seat in Northern Province.

He said both Luapula and Northern Provinces were no longer strongholds for the ruling party that the PF should be ready to suffer its first defeat in regions that they had always boasted were their strongholds.

Mr Kakoma however said the UPND was surprised that the Speaker of the National Assembly declared the Kasama seat vacant while the matter had not been disposed of by the courts of law.

He said Mr Mwamba had petitioned the Lusaka High Court to determine whether his rights could have been violated by the ruling party’s decision to expel him for associating himself with the UPND.