The IG should get rid of corrupt



Let me humbly advise the Inspector General of police to put an eye on some of her traffic officers who have become revenue collectors. There is a named woman traffic officer manning a bus station on Mumbwa Road who has deployed call boys to be beating and impounding tax drivers while some are busy collecting money from minibus drivers at a bus station. This happens every evening after council employees have knocked off and she pockets not less than K2,000 every day as rumor has it. Does she remit that money to authorities, police or council?

LT, Lusaka 




Zambian film industry doing fine 


It was interesting to watch a movie titled: Kawanu on channel 10, the Africa magic world of Gotv which was acted by Zambian actresses. The drama is about a man who is about to be crowned as the next king of Chawaza village. The elders insist that he marries before he can claim his throne, and his father plots sabotage. The movie is full of drama and suspense. Above all it is educative, informative and entertaining. The showing of this Zambian movie is a clear testimony that our movies have gone an extra mile and ultimately gained recognition in the world.

Elemiya Phiri, Lusaka



Well done Daily Nation


I have always thought that the private news media should be neutral in order to provide checks and balances to state run media and Government. And that is what you are doing. Your reporting is so neutral. You commend Government where it is due and you criticize when you see the Boma going astray. Please continue your good work. Don’t ever be tempted to be like the Post which thinks Government is always wrong or the others who think Government is always right. The two extremes are simply unrealistic.





Zambia needs divine healing


Great is your hand on our land God of this nation. Father our land needs divine healing; come into our hearts, deal with insecurities, bitterness, rage, so that we may learn to value one another as partners in national development. We all belong to one bigger family called one nation, one mother called Zambia. God has kept us to this day, shall we value peace.

Pastor Prince M. Kabala




UPND should endorse GBM

for Kasama Central


Through your paper I would like to urge UPND to endorse GBM in Kasama Central so that we can see how his money can make him win the by election. It will be through this election that the party will access Mwamba’s heavy weight and show the electorate that wealth forms Government.

L. Tembo, Lusaka





This is for RDA


When will RDA extend the road from National Heroes stadium to 15 miles? There is too much congestion in between. This is the time to extend the road before structures are  built near it. And small humps needed near North Park school.

BVM, Lusaka




The cartel will lamentably fail


The unfortunate thing about Mutembo Nchito and whoever may be supporting him is that the man is trying to evade the law. Recently in Kenya President Obama stressed that no one is above the law. If Mutembo Nchito feels that he is innocent why is he scared to appear before the tribunal in camera? He should not forget that it was his friend who vilified President Chiluba whenever he was unable to appear in court due to sickness. They accused FJT of playing delaying tactics. They claimed  he was faking sickness Yet the same fake  sickness took the man’s life. They can write to whoever they want, but justice must prevail. I am a very annoyed Zambian to say the least.

 Micky, Lusaka



ZESCO should shed off its



Instead of getting Euro-bond for ZESCO, let the company load shed its workers’ salaries by 50percent because they are not working for 8 hours a day. The money that will be realized can be channeled to building some infrastructure for power generation in areas where we have lakes.

Munthali Kelvin