Nawakwi owes Zambians an explanation


It’s very sad to see that Edith Nawakwi has turned into a bitter woman whose aim is to destroy Lungu’s Government. She thinks she can be an opposition politician like the late Michael Sata but sorry madam you will never be. We want an explanation on the millions of kwacha we were swindled out of as a country






2 thoughts on “Nawakwi owes Zambians an explanation

  1. Nawakwi’s pending explanation on the Carlington maize saga – CM, Great you can still remember Nawakwi’s transgressions while minister of finance. Much as it is said that human beings’ memories fade with time, I have also not forgotten that scandal. Who knows, maybe even the ‘land’ was acquired ‘morally corrupt’ when she was a government official or minister of Finance? Just like others, she do, she can visit one trillion markets, all the health institutions in Zambia and abuse the innocent Zambian patients’ privacy, but I will not waste my vote. Lucky that some stupid Western donors are still spending money in keeping her and others political failures afloat, thereby putting the much needed food on their tables. By the way, is she an agronomist, a Politician or just one of those passers-by at Kalingalinga University?

    I know there is more money coming before the 2016 presidential, parliamentary and civic elections. ‘Twalya again’ from donors but not from Zambians until we are given a full explanation on the Canadian Carlington maize saga (with the involvement of an Israeli runaway ‘spook’ in the name of Ben Ali-Menashe who settled in Canada due in order to runaway from his transgressions – didn’t she hear that there was an attempt at his life in Canada with his house bombed by suspected Israeli agents? Where did she find him? Very little unread indeed. Was that US$10 million or thereabout plus side kicks from the main deal you are referring to?

    Even if I went to the polls with my eyes closed, I cannot put my mark on Nawakwi. Better to spoil the vote if there is no other credible candidate.


  2. Very cheap politics, forgetting about the present plundering and crying for justice for something which happened 10 years ago.

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