Idle senior civil servants anger clergy


SENIOR civil servants’ failure to monitor developmental projects in most parts of the country is giving President Edgar Lungu a bad name, Chirundu-based clergyman Ronald Mwimba has said.

Pastor Mwimba, of the Pentecostal Holiness church, said he was disappointed that Chirundu administrative project had been abandoned by the contractor.

In a telephone interview, Pastor Mwimba said it was retrogressive and at the same time frustrating that senior Government officials were not fostering development.

The clergy wondered why contracts were being awarded if they could be abandoned any time.

Pastor Mwimba observed that Government under the leadership of President Edgar  Lungu was committed to bring about development closer to the people but had always been betrayed by those entrusted with althority.

“District Commissioners are supposed to look for a solution when such a thing occurs. It is prudent for DCs to read through contractual documents given to contractors in their district as this will help them understand whether the abandonment of projects is a breach of contract or not,” he said.

Pastor Mwimba said it was of no consequence to bring out the story that offered no solution to the people of Zambia, adding that everyone wanted progress in Chirundu.

He explained that in every contract there was not only supposed to be consensus but also the principle of utmost good faith in influencing the execution of a contract.

The clergyman said it would not be wrong to point out measures that safeguarded Government revenue in infrastructure development.

“Senior Government officials should ensure they contractors accomplish their jobs as laid out in the contract. Contractors are obligated to perform,” he said.

Pastor Mwimba also said completion bonds ensured that the contractor saw the project through to its completion as expressed in a contract.

He said the execution of public projects such as the one in Chirundu required the use of contract bonds to ensure performance by the contractor.

Pastor Mwimba said three primary elements were at play in project execution such as capital, capacity and the character of the contractor.

“These three entail financial strength to complete the project, ability of the contractor to perform based on the requirement of the agreement and references and reputation of the contractor”. He said these three C’s provide a substantial guarantee that the contractor will perform,” he said.