Nkoya chiefs crave for meeting with Lungu

PRESIDENT Lungu has  been requested to meetwith traditional leaders in Western Province to resolve their grievances as he did to chiefs in Southern Province, says Nkoya spokesperson Ngambela Mwanashihemi.

He said he was of the view that once the President visited Western Province as he did to Southern Province, all the differences among traditional leaders would come to an end.

Ngambela Mwanashihemi said the Nkoyas were not part of the calls by the Lozis to secede from Zambia but that their demands were based on equal share of the national cake.

He said the Nkoyas felt neglected by the Government because there was no response on their calls to have Western Province delimited into two provinces.

Ngambela Mwanashihemi said the decision by the Nkoyas and other ethnic groups in Western Province to have the eleventh province were because of the challenges that have not been resolved in the region.

“We are appealing to President Lungu to also visit Western Province and meet the chiefs so that he can listen to their challenges, because calls to have an eleventh province are being made because of the challenges in the area,” he said.

Ngambela Mwanashihemi said it would be a great honour if the Head of State personally visited the Province to interact with the traditional leadership.

“We know the Head of State has a busy schedule but let him also put us on his schedule so that together we remain a united Zambia, and this will be a great honour to us, especially the Nkoyas who feel they are always neglected by Government,” he said.

Ngambela Mwanashihemi said the re-alignment plan for the under-developed districts would provide meaningful decentralized programme by bringing significant investment to Western Province.

“The President can use his powers vested in him under the current laws of Zambia to create a long awaited eleventh provincial administration. We feel neglected when the Government is not responding to our calls because we are also important just like any other citizen who has the right to vote for the leader,” he said.

Ngambela Mwanashihemi wondered why the Members of Parliament from Kaoma district were quiet over the demand for an eleventh province.