Vote for performing MPs


As a youth of this great nation Zambia, I wish to advise the electorate and those who will be voting for the first time to scrutinize the candidates and vote wisely in 2016. During campaigns, many aspiring candidates promise development and other projects. It is disheartening to find that some MPs will be seeking re-election in the 2016 tripartite elections. This is unacceptable because we deserve leaders who are action-oriented; that is those who walk the talk. However, I feel some MPs should be re-elected so that they can continue with their development agenda and ultimately improve people’s welfare. I would cite one MP whom I feel deserves to be re-elected because of his good performance and that is honorable Ronald K. Chitotela from Pambashe constituency in Luapula Province. Even my grandmother who is in Luapula appreciates his works. I have just mentioned one but we have a few. No performance No vote.

Ireen Fundafunda




Zambians free to join parties of their choice


Each one of us has the right to belong to any party of our choice. Therefore, if a member of political party A chooses to join political party B, I see no reason why it should be an issue. Zambia being a democratic country we are free to belong to the party of  our choice. Let’s learn to debate issues that will improve the nation and not personalities.

W.N, Lusaka





By-elections costly 


We are tired of endless by-elections in our country. We must do something about our constitution to stop these by elections. We cannot be always using taxpayer’s money on endless and unproductive ventures. We can use these resources for gainful and progressive projects. Why can’t we adopt the system from the developed world, and do away with these by-elections.

Mweemba Simuliampondo









Firing CBU lecturers not a solution


Firing CBU lecturers will not help Government in any way, instead they should think about the lives of over 1,000 students and how this move will affect them. Government must view education as an investment and not a cost. There is a link between education and national development. Look at countries like Nigeria they have invested heavily in education that is why that country is developed.

Affected student, Kitwe






Zambia should maintain peace


My appeal to all well-meaning Zambians is that we need to live in peace and harmony. God has been good to this country we have never had civil strife in this country. What is happening in Zambia if it were to happen in other countries there would be civil war between tribes. We should not take the peace we have in this country for granted otherwise we may lose it one day. 

Dumbo, Lusaka  


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