Watch out for agent provocateurs

IT IS very true, as stated  by Dr. Guy Scott that the Patriotic Front has changed. It has indeed changed and changed for the better.

The party has changed for the better because those who held President Sata hostage are no longer in control.

They are in the political wilderness where they are finding it very hard to exist. They are fighting very hard to get back to power through the Rainbow Party which they are sponsoring.

They are now the agent provocateurs who are in the background stoking and encouraging confusion as witnessed in the Tonga crisis.

They picked out a few sentences from what PF Secretary General Davies Chama said and inflated it totally out of proportion to the extent that the entire southern Province was in uproar and on fire.

This is what agent provocateurs do. They are cruel opportunists who prey on small issues to cause confusion and mayhem .

They are ever vigilant looking for weak spots to create conflagration and division among the people. They entice other people to commit illegalities in order to put the Government in bad light.

I will be surprised if they are not behind the difficulties we have in institutions of higher learning today because the problems there are not new, but have now taken on a new dimension under the leadership of President Edgar Lungu.

Everything is being magnified to demoralize the Zambian people who voted this Government into power, but I have told my children that this season will pass away,  as courts of law clear out the people who abused they systems of governance to make wealth by defrauding the system.

What we need most is a sense of diligence to quickly detect the work of those who want to destroy this country. They are doing so in the hope that if this Government fails they will come back into power and their sins will be forgotten.

President Lungu must be encouraged in the manner he has decided not hide anything below the carpet. Let the truth prevail and all will be well for our country. The devil cannot prevail.

Dominic  Senka.


Nawakwi utterances

The rudness and impudence of FDD President Edith Nawakwi is amazing. I could not believe my eyes when I read that Ms. Nawakwi believes that President Edgar Lungu needs bana Chimbusa to teach him how to run the country. How rude can the woman get?

For a start men are never taught by bana chimbusa. This is an indictment of her own need for “balangizi” because as a woman she must know that Banchimbusa are meant to train women. The fact that she does not know this difference shows her lack of manners, etiquette and decorum.

The problem with Ms. Nawakwi is that she is still living  a lie, in the hope that  Zambian people will make her  the first female President of this country. This will never happen, not after witnessing her conduct and language.

The politics of insults and bad language belong to the past. Modern politics deal with ideas, concepts and principles of development which she is totally incapable.

It is my sincere hope that the FDD convention will replace her, for a more dynamic leader who will lead the party into the next elections, otherwise the party will be a total write off under her leadership.

Conrad Bweupe.


Kasama by-election battle

Without doubt, the Kasama Central by elections will be one of the mostly highly contested by-elections in the country in recent times.

The people of Kasama are in for a showdown between the ruling PF and the opposition UPND as both parties will do everything possible to win the seat.

Money will surely be raining and both parties are likely to spend more to win the seat.

It is indisputable that the state police need  to be on red alert and start beefing up security as both parties will not leave any stone unturned to get the seat.

Tellingly, the battle of the political titans truly looms in Kasama as the by-election draws near.

Meanwhile, GBM and camp will do anything to retain the seat and prove to the nation that he has the political muscle and popularity in the area. More especially, after being appointed as UPND  vice-president.

On one hand, GBM will go flat out to ensure that he whitewashes the PF which he’s been  claiming to have funded during its 2011 campaigns.

On the other, the ruling PF will also not leave any stone unturned to ensure that they get the seat to show GBM that he got his current status on  a PF silver  platter; he did not earn it by his own political popularity.

The people of Kasama are in for a showdown, as tempers will continue to flare as UPND and PF candidates jostle for supremacy, but they forget that their real employer is the electorate – the poor masses that make up the bulk of rural voters.

You don’t need to have a degree in political science to realise that the UPND and PF politicians are only hoodwinking gullible voters.

They are pushing their personal agenda and fighting for their own political survival.

Let no Kasama voter be cheated by empty promises this time round.

Will ‘Don’t Kubeba’ be the name of the game? Probably.

Mubanga Luchembe,



Open letter to his Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu

Recycling of water in Kariba dam

THROUGHOUT it all your Excellency, you have been a model of dignity, grace and elegance, even under the bright light of such intense public scrutiny and in the face of such despicable personal attacks.

You have always maintained your composure and demonstrated the true qualities of honor and respectability.

You have excelled in matters of substance with unmatched wisdom and intelligence.

You have articulated clear and compelling position that has convinced us on the merits that your vision is also the right course for the nation.

With your permission your Excellency may I with all humbleness request your good office to consider recycling of water used after the turban back into the dam using a detour channel.

I believe your Excellency if we apply the law of gravity and calculate the velocity of pressure will create an expanse within the peripheral of the dam near the turban and this in turn will increase the volume of water.

This Excellency will be economical and will save on the hard earned revenue instead of importing power from other countries.

All we need are the technocrats to study the gravity, velocity and pressure ensuring that the water being channeled will not be lost in the expanse.

I pray to your good office that this will utmost set precedence to contain future natural catastrophe we are experiencing now.

With all humbleness your Excellency I rest my case

Pastor Ronald Lovely Mwimba

Chirundu District


Muvi television should own up

I write to air my displeasure with the way Muvi Television is handling its customers who pay through Zoona money transfer facility.

I paid for a K90 bouquet through Zoona at about 12:00hours on Friday 31st July on account Number 020398443844 and the computer generated reference number 49424 was issued but I was not connected by 22:00hours.

This is day time robbery and the earlier they work on their shortcomings the better for the clientele.

Worse still, their call center number was either going unanswered or giving a ‘not in use’ recorded voice tone much to my disappointment.

Why use a facility that is not user friendly? Much as they have fared very well in news coverage, the Zoona connectivity needs to be re-looked into to avoid inconveniencing us customers.


Disgusted client