‘Bana chimbusa’ are for women like Nawakwi


Where in Zambia does a man go for alangizi? It is Nawakwi who needs alangizi because she has no respect for men. That is why she is not called a ‘Mrs’ because she didn’t go through Bana chimbusa. So mama Nawakwi don’t destroy your girl children?

L. Tembo, Lusaka


Socialism will chase away investors


Mr Kabimba is trying to redefine socialism as a good form of government. I disagree. What he is trying to tell the people of Zambia is like a prostitute who says prostitution is good, when inside she is so scared to be on the streets. You may sugarcoat your ideology but to me who has lived in all systems starting from the federation to the present, I know how destructive your system can be. In fact it must have started sending shivers in the investors both local and foreign. Don’t cheat yourself, China is what it is today because of capitalism, nothing else, and you are a witness to that.

Micky, Lusaka

Village game scouts paid peanuts


This is for the attention of our Labour Minister Mr Fackson Shamenda.. We are village scouts under the Community Resource Boards (CRB) countrywide doing this tireless job conserving our natural resources both in national parks and in game management areas. We are doing this in conjunction with ZAWA officers but we are getting peanuts such as K400 a month. Please help us, minister, by engaging our Tourism Minister Jean Kapata.

BC, Mumbwa



Mucheleka should just shut up


The nullification of Patrick Mucheleka’s seat made interesting news. It is said that “those who stay in glass houses should not throw stones”. The former MP is now blaming the Supreme Court for finding him corrupt. He further goes on to say that the PF has started another fight. What fight for Mr Mucheleka? Do not blame the mosquito for a sleepless night if you do not have a net. Why does he now want to include others in this cobweb he has found himself entangled in? Let him dance to the beats of his own drums.

James K Mphande, Kafue





ZANIS junior officers ‘treated like animals’


Let the minister of information Hon. Kambwili find time to meet officers at ZANIS where junior officers are treated like animals. The director has no time to meet workers.

Concerned officer


Has Dr Scott opted to do away with the PF?


In the Post of August 3, 2015, Dr Guy Scott is reported to have distanced himself from being part of the policy-making team in PF. Has the PF leadership done away with the services of the former vice president or has Dr Scott opted to do away with the PF?

Concerned citizen., Kafue




Kabimba total political failure


Mr Wynter Kabimba was fired from the PF by President Sata. How can he today be such a turncoat? He was part and parcel of PF he is today condemning. Why didn’t he resign but waited until he was booted out? He is not one to peddle the moral high ground. He is a political failure who is living in dreamland. You don’t politick by talking ill of your past associations you so loved, bwana Kabimba.

Nico Mhango, Chawama



Zambian youths abusing Facebook


In as much as we appreciate this modern technology, I wonder whether some of those who go on Facebook know the whole meaning of the word “taboo”. What I found one day was worrisome. It made me wonder where Facebook is taking our youths who know little about do’s and don’ts of cross cultures. Let us avoid insults.

Mr. Hakapali, Choma