Former cartel scribes leaking Govt documents


I agree with Mr G. Phiri in his text message which was published in one of your editions that there are many former cartel scribes occupying strategic positions in Government. The mistake the PF Government did was to go into a covenant with one of the local tabloids by deploying its journalists in sensitive Government institutions including foreign service. President Edgar Lungu has to cleanse the system otherwise their decisions will always be exposed pre-maturely. This will endanger our national security.

James K. Mphande, Kafue.


Sour grapes for Edith Nawakwi


Can Madam Nawakwi tell us where men are taught by Bana Chimbusa? It is not the President’s fault that you got 15,321 votes the whole country in January when President Lungu got 19,704 in just one constituency, Kabwata.

Lubinda Richard, Chilenje.


Kasama Central by-election an eye opener


As a person who follows current Zambian politics, Kasama Central will be an eye opener to both the ruling PF and opposition UPND. If PF will give room to UPND to penetrate its stronghold then 2016 general elections will be very tricky for PF, and if UPND kisses the ground then PF and His Excellency President Edgar Lungu will carry the day and shame all those who hate him and some media houses that always report against his work.

L Tembo, Lusaka.



ZESCO needs competitor 


From the time Dangote started operating we have seen a reduction in the price of cement. This is very good for many citizens. The energy sector also needs the same development so that Zesco can have a competitor, maybe it can improve its services to the people.

W.N, Lusaka



                                   Post should leave Iris Kaingu alone


Let the Post newspaper leave Iris Kaingu alone. Why do you concentrate on someone’s nakedness each and every year instead of reporting about real issues such as unemployment or even how you failed to pay tax to ZRA? We don’t want to hear what someone does in privacy. Unless you tell us that someone from the Post is admiring Iris.

ZICAS student.



PF doing commendable job out there


It’s through good road infrastructure in every country that poverty is reduced. While our Government is busy carrying out development projects, opposition politicians are also busy criticizing that people will not eat roads forgetting that it’s through these same roads that goods pass through, food in particular. The people today drive swiftly for their campaigns without breakdowns. Come on Zambians criticize where necessary. Viva PF.

L. Tembo, Lusaka




ZNS should recruit more officers


It was interesting to hear the President announce that ZNS was going to recruit 1,000 officers. I think this number is small considering the number of youths who are not employed. The President and the ZNS command should consider increasing this number so that a good number can be recruited. The levels of unemployment in this country are too high.

James, Lusaka.