Musicians question agri-show organisers

By Terence Miselo
SEVERAL artistes have questioned organisers of the Agriculture and Commercial Show entertainment segment for continuously engaging Congolese Rumba artists to grace the show.
Most of these artistes that include CQ, Petersen and Roberto among others aired their views on social media wondering as to why show organisers still insist on bringing foreign artists to grace the show and end up paying them more money than local musicians.
CQ who sparked the debate and spoke in an interview said show society organisers of the entertainment section must be probed because their decision of bringing old Congolese artistes does not reflect the interests of the showgoers especially that most of them are young people.
“I suspect that there is a clique in this organising committee that is only interested in bringing Congolese artists so that they can get some cuts or favours from them. That is corruption and these people need to be probed,
“Most showgoers are youths and children who are not even interested in these old and finished Congolese artists.
So who decides?” asked CQ who said he was not scared to speak out because he himself had made suggestions to the organisers to bring youthful and most happening international artists like Nigeria’s Sadie who would appeal to most youthful showgoers but was turned down.
On the other hand, Roberto posted on his FaceBook page stating that there was need to stop the idea of embracing Congolese artists at the show.
“ What’s even worse is that even agricultural show organisers still bring Rhumba artists from 20 years ago that kids of nowadays don’t even know, to sing in a language that kids don’t even understand.
“Don’t we have the Sakala Brothers, Angela Nyirenda, James Chamanyazi, Mwale Sisters, artists whose music carries a message, why not move with time and pay local artistes their much desired fee?” asks Roberto whose sentiments are shared by Petersen when he wrote on his FaceBookwall:
“…Rhumba isn’t happening among the young ones( today) who happen to be the ones and majority attending the Show.
‘‘Hence, it’s surprising that up to this day the (show) society still invites Rhumba musicians. The question is, do they invite these Congolese artistes for their own entertainment or for the patronage?”
Petersen suggests that if it is international acts the society is looking for, they better consider the most happening like Sarkodie, D’banji, P’Square, Casper Nyovest to mention only a few.