BRE installs chief over Mbundas

THE Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) has installed Likithi Kaunda as Chief Mwenemundu of the Mbunda speaking people of Liumba area in Kalabo district of Western Province.
The BRE has meanwhile advised the newly installed Chief Mwenemundu through Induna Mutwaleti to ensure that peace prevailed among the people of Liumba area who have had no chief since 2009.
Induna Mutwaleti urged Chief Mwenemundu to work with his subjects and ensure that they reported to the police cases of Karavinas and cattle theft that have been on an increase in Liumba area in order to safeguard the lives of people and reduce the vices.
The Induna also advised the newly installed chief to ensure that poaching in Liuwa National Park was reduced so that the lives of animals were protected as they were a national asset.
Chief Mwenemundu was further advised to be loyal to the Litunga of Barotseland and the BRE as a whole and also work together with Chieftainess Mboanjikana of Kalabo and Sikongo districts.
The new chief was also advised to serve all the people accordingly in his chiefdom regardless of tribe.
And quoting from the Book of Romans Chapter 13 verse 1 to 4, Induna Namamba urged Chief Mwenemundu to always remember God in all what he was doing because no authority existed without God’s permission.
The installation of Chief Mwenemundu, Likithi Kaunda, was held at Saa Kuta at Limulunga Royal Village and was attended by several BRE indunas and people of Liumba area who accompanied their chief. – ZANIS