Todays Text messages

National Prosecution Authority should recruit fairly
Why does the National Prosecution Authority intend to recruit only degree holders in law? The NPA has now set LLB degree as a minimum qualification and left out certificate and diploma holders in law and advanced public prosecutions. We are aware that this is aimed at doing away with police public prosecutors who will be replaced with relatives and cadres. Recruit all current police public prosecutors with diplomas and certificates as well.
Richard Nyeleti, Lusaka

Chief Puta has got it all wrong
On the front page of the Daily Nation of August 9, was a story that his Royal Highness Chief Puta called for the dismissal of Hon.Kapaya, the minister for Luapula Province. My question is, was his Royal Highness serious to call on President Lungu to fire the minister? All Zambians know that the chief is a hard core UPND sympathizer and last January he was in Lusaka campaigning for UPND. His Royal Highness should openly defect from UPND to PF before he starts calling for the dismissal of PF members. The President has a lot of respect for chiefs including those who were against him during the campaigns. Against this background, let’s allow ECL with his team to rule the country.
C .Chanda, Lusaka

decaying fast
Your editorial comment on LAZ’s stance on the Constitution Bill was spot on. I have stopped taking this organization seriously, and so are organizations like FODEP, CCZ and MISA. At the rate these organizations are decaying, they will be moribund soon.
R. Chola, Luanshya

Ban abusive language in public places
People who use abusive language in public places like bus stations should be visited by the law. It is common in Zambia today hearing someone using words like “chikala” in public especially in markets and bus stations of Lusaka. This has a negative impact on the morals of our children.
Mat, Concerned teacher

Ban of cell phone use at NCZ plant welcome
I personally feel that the ban of use of cell phones at NCZ plant is a welcome move, and generously support it. The act is tantamount to stealing company time while at work. Yes, it has its own disadvantages and advantages. Our colleagues in Japan are doing it. We just got to change our present work culture. I mean it is illegal today in Zambia to use a phone while driving, isn’t it so?
Simon SC, Lusaka

UPND has proved it is not a tribal party
Congratulations to PF, UPND, Rainbow and MMD for victories, and a big pat on the back for UPND for proving that you are not a regional party. This is a sign of better things to come, not only for UPND but for our nation.
Mweemba Simuliampondo, Lusaka

Is GBM really popular in
If GBM is popular in Kasama, why go to court instead of campaigning? He is actually running away from a merciless and hostile enemy newspaper by playing mind games. He is also swimming in advantages of his riches in paying for all this court process. Munshya’s views are good but he lacks reasons why GBM is running away from the PF. If I may ask, why have all those attacks on GBM and his business suddenly ceased after leaving the PF? You have read the answer right in this SMS. GBM’s strategy is to be found in groups more favorable to his enemy newspaper hence reduce attacks on his person. There is no politics here just personal safety measures. Mr Munshya forgot about all your good views or use different politicians.