Chief Chamuka toasts Siamunene’s appointment

THE appointment of Sinazongwe Member of Parliament Richwell Siamunene as Defence Minister has nothing to do with tribe but instead the capability of the individual to drive development of the country, says Chief Chamuka of the Lenje people in Chisamba district.
On Monday, President Edgar Lungu appointed Mr Siamunene as Defence Minister.
Chief Chamuka advised the people of Zambia not to use a tribe in defining national issues; saying people looked at what President Lungu was doing in trying to unify the nation.
“We are happy that President Lungu is leading by example by showing Zambians what unity is all about because of his inclusive governance. We are watching his governance and he deserves commendations,” he said.
Chief Chamuka said the Defence Ministry was one of the ministries that was sensitive, and having given it to someone coming from the opposition political party meant there was trust.
“Let us learn to appreciate what is right for this country to develop, because the Head of State is not looking at where someone is coming from but is focusing on developing the country,” he said.
Chief Chamuka said Mr Lungu was the President for all Zambians and that all the people should benefit from the national cake.
“That Ministry of Defence is a sensitive one and if he did not mean well for this country, he couldn’t have given it to the member of the opposition, and now as Zambian we should learn to trust the President that Zambia is headed for good things,” he said.