Luonde should be serious

KINDLY allow me to comment on Mr Richard Luonde’s emotions reported in the Post of August 13 in which he is suggesting that if Fr Leonard Chiti is part of the cartel as claimed by Information Minister Chishimba Kambwili then all Zambians are part of it.
This time I decided to laugh because all along I have not taken Mr Luonde seriously from the time the local media reported his troubles at his church in Kitwe. How can the entire nation belong to a cartel? Even when he comments on national issues, I have always found his remarks rather superficial and without substance. To me he appears to be a deeply frustrated man and without direction, a floating pocket. But then it is easy to surmise why he is like that.
In this world it is either you are a good or bad person, not the two in one.
But for Mr Lukonde to suggest all Zambians must belong to the cartel on an account of the battles between Mr Kambwili and Fr Chiti, I think is bad judgment of the matter. Why draw all Zambians in it? Mr Luonde please this country has severe challenges which need serious minds to help resolve, not armchair critics. The church is perfectly free to comment on any issues affecting the nation like Fr Chiti is doing. It is part of our hard-earned democracy.
Faustino Mwape