Todays Text Messages

Campaigning for HH
Some top senior workers at a Kapiri bank were campaigning for HH. During the January 20th election, as soon as you entered at the reception you will be welcomed with one language, and when you answer that language you will be served first. These people took advantage of the Government not paying farmers early.

Mumbi Phiri should stop
attacking HH
It is unfair for Mumbi Phiri to continue attacking President HH over the sale of industries and mines. Mumbi Phiri must remember that her uncle Sata was in cabinet during privatization. So Mumbi stop the hate you have against our visionary and able president HH.
Visionary citizen

There is no credible
opposition in Zambia
I wonder and always ask myself questions as, is there a credible opposition in our country at present? Look at the likes of FDD, ADD, Rainbow and UPND, instead of offering solutions, all they are good at is criticism and counter criticism. If they formed Government, Zambia would simply become a garbage pile. By the way Chama says PF isn’t responsible, this shows how irresponsible the leaders we have are. Its time leaders begun to look beyond the grave.
Simon SC, Lusaka

Translating the Constitution in vernacular a waste of resources
The call by some people to have the draft Constitution translated into vernacular is to say the least ridiculous and a total waste of money. I have carried out a survey among friends, relatives and workmates who are somewhat educated to find out if they have read the graft in English. I was shocked to find out that none of them have. Let us be realistic and stop politicking on this matter.

Siamunene and quality
HH Sir, since when did you realize that Siamunene was of poor quality? Was it when he was appointed deputy minster? So to you Mr President when one is called for national duty from your party the he or she is of poor quality? Your thinking is exactly the thinking of the cartel. Those who are not with them are regarded as garbage, too bad.
Micky, Lusaka

Some clergy are wolves in sheep skins
Mr Luonde, having lost credence from his church, following misgivings about him by his church members a short while ago, has turned into a hired gun. We expect him to exhibit love in his way of criticizing but alas, it is full of hate like Edith Nawakwi. He will fail together with all those like him whether clergy or not. After all some of the so called clergy are wolves in sheep skins. God is love.
PM, Lusaka

President Lungu please be focused. The cartel can do whatever they are doing to tarnish your image, but the fact remains that they cannot build schools, they can’t build roads, they can’t buy maize from peasant farmers, and they can’t build hospitals and can’t supply drugs. Simply they cannot bring development to this country apart from bask in their nkongole which will soon render them bankrupt. So your agenda must be development and governing the country.
Micky, Lusaka

Zesco employees need
I think it is high time we sent some of our Zesco employees to countries where it is really hot like Egypt where you find rains are not as much as we have here, where the population is 10 times more than ours and find out how they manage to control load shedding. Zambia needs to learn from such countries.
Mweemba Simuliampondo, Lusaka