Criminals plotting regime change

CRIMINALS and thieves are agitating for regime change in the country in order to avoid retribution and prosecution for the offences they committed during the time they manipulated Presidents.
In this regard a consortium of some opposition political parties and civil society organisations had been mobilised against the leadership of President Edgar Lungu and were propagating hate messages aimed at invoking people’s emotions so that there could be an uprising against the government ZDDM president Edwin Sakala said.
The cartel, he said, had over the years mastered the art of manipulating presidents and could not be underestimated because it was a powerful force with very senior officers imbedded in the system determined to cause regime change in 2016, the Zambia Direct Democracy Movement (ZDDM) has warned.
And in an open letter to the President Mr Sakala said Zambians should reject politics of manipulation and hate but should instead champion unity, love and peace in their defence of the country’s democracy.
He said some Zambians were preoccupied with insulting President Lungu and his government instead of helping the Government to deliver the best services to the majority poor.
“Presidents do not get into State House on their own. It is God who puts them there and hence the need to respect them while in office. However, there are some evil forces in our country that is working hard to cause regime change in 2016 but we are comforted that God is the only one who ordains leaders. But this evil force should not be underestimated because it has become very powerful and the earlier it is stopped the safer for the country,” Mr Sakala said.
He said God was not going to allow the propaganda of tribalism that some sections of the media in collusion with some political parties was using to divide the country. He said some media houses and politicians were cunningly using tribalism to champion their agenda of regime change so that they could have a president who is going to write off the debt they owed Zambians.
Mr Sakala said the problems Zambia was going through was not a creation of President Lungu but of what he termed evil minded individuals who believed they could cheat their way into power.
He said the clique was fanning sentiments of tribalism as a means dividing the country so that Zambians could rise against each other.
He stated that some media houses had mounted a sustained campaign against President Lungu and his Government so that they could influence Zambians to change government next year.
“Those with eyes can see that there is an evil force trying desperately to promote tribal divisions in the country.
Citizens are aware that nearly every country in the world is going through serious economic challenges and the dollar is shaking nearly every economy. China has just devalued its currency and the fuel crisis coupled with global warming has exacerbated the global economic challenges. Load shedding is not only in Zambia and it is even worse for industrialized countries,’ Mr Sakala said. He advised that Zambians should realise that the evil cartel was playing a dangerous political game which if not checked could plunge the country into untold misery.

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