Litunga, BRE far from Barotseland Agreement

THE Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) has no role in the decision made by people of Western Province for self-determination and anyone targeting them for solutions is missing the point, says Barotse National Freedom Alliance (BNFA) trustee William Harrington.
He said the Litunga and the BRE should be left alone over the issue regarding demands made by the people as the self-determination resolution was made by the Barotse National council in 2012.
“If there are people targeting the BRE to do something concerning the position on the boiling issue of Barotseland, they are missing the point because according to tradition, the BRE follow the will of the people,” Mr Harrington said.
He said BNFA was spearheading the Barotseland self-determination on behalf of the people, following BNC 2012 resolutions which he said still stood.
Mr Harrington said any negotiations aimed at changing the resolutions would not work at the moment.
He urged those who wanted to discuss the Barotseland controversy to meet with the BNFA for consultation and not the BRE because only the BNFA were speaking on behalf of the people of Western Province.
“Even the Government should sit with the BNFA if there is anything to resolve about the issues of Western Province because targeting the BRE will be following a wrong direction as they have got no say on the resolutions made by the people through Barotse National Council,” Mr Harrington said.
He said the Barotse Agreement of 1964 was a non-issue and that it had been overtaken by events.
“All the successive governments have failed to honour the agreement since independence, and the issue has been over taken by events and this issue is now ‘Kuyabebele’,” he said.
Mr Harrington said the BNFA were speaking on behalf of the people and were spearheading the BNC resolutions.
He said all the people in Barotseland shall continue to enjoy the centuries-old harmonious peaceful co-existence by all the ethnic groups as had always been the case.
The BNC resolutions stated that the people of Barotseland shall not, in any way, take kindly to any individual, authority or groups of individuals bringing the institution of the Litungaship into public ridicule and disrepute by making derogatory remarks with intent to undermine the authority of the Litunga and Barotseland.