Power crisis eye opener -Mutupa

A Solwezi businessman Mathias Mutupa says the challenges the country is faced in the energy sector should be considered as an eye-opener.
Commenting on the power outages that have rocked the country, Mr Mutupa said the situation was as a result of depending on one source of energy.
He said despite Zesco being a critical player in Zambia’s economy, it was time the nation diversified to other sources of sustainable energy and not depend on hydro-power.
‘’What is happening now in the energy sector is a good thing because it is a reminder that we need as the nation to diversify to other sources of energy. It is dangerous to solely depend on one source of anything,” Mr Mutupa who is the past president for the North Western Chamber of Commerce and Industry said.
He said Zambia was blessed with sunlight which if well harnessed had the potential to power the nation without any challenge.
Mr Mutupa cited the yet to be-completed Maamba thermal plant as another source of energy that had not been well harnessed for many years.
“All these are power sources that need to be steadfastly harnessed and ensure that they feed into the national grid side by side with other sources of energy,” he said.
And Mr Mutupa has called on Government to formulate policies that could compel the private sector to invest in the energy sector.