Todays Text Messages

Kabimba, please, Zambians
are not fools
Kabimba go and tell a horse on Government borrowing. Didn’t you inherit a fairly buoyant economy when you took over from MMD? Were you not there when PF borrowed US$ 750m? In fact you even boasted about it. What are you talking about now? The mistake Mr. Sata made was to be listening to you and your friends in the cartel hence these problems Zambians are facing now. We are not fools as you may think. Let other opposition leaders talk on Government loans, not you.
Micky, Lusaka

President Lungu should cage the cartel
The cartel is a group of dangerous people that should not be given any chance to rule this country. These are evil-minded people, with hidden and unknown agenda.
They are full of jealous, hatred and evil intentions towards others. Wake up Zambians, viva President Lungu, God bless you beyond 2016
A Banda, Lusaka

HH is not a serious leader
HH has predicted PF defections. I was amazed to read the rationale behind it when in one breath HH accuses the PF of being corrupt and wanting to buy property in Sandton City in SA and in another vein he claims PF members will defect to UPND; the same corrupt elements with presidential ambitions? Please be serious with what you are telling us.
DZ, Lusaka

I can’t live a day without the Daily Nation
I can’t live a day without Daily Nation, your news is genuine and your writers are good unlike other newspapers that politicize everything. Keep it up.
Mr. Zed

It is not possible to create 500,000 jobs before 2016
I think the recently launched youth national plan is merely a political gimmick to gain support for PF ahead of the 2016 general elections. The plan is ok but creating 500,000 jobs before 2016 is not possible because we do not have any new investments coming to this country and we have very few industries running.
W.N, Lusaka

The shame of street
vending in Lusaka
Kindly allow me to say something about street vending. It now seems like the central Government (especially politicians) as well as local government have been held to ransom and have been drained of their ability to innovate by the vendors. There should be an alternative way of clearing vendors from the streets and rid town of the refuse generated by our people. Find alternatives for people without jobs. Make markets with spacious, secure parking space and relocate the vendors. Every building is crowded with our traders making unsightly stands even along Cairo Road. Let Lusaka reclaim its title of capital city.
Concerned citizen

Careful with Eurobonds
There seems to be problem in the way Zambia is spending the Eurobonds. Most of this money is spent on salaries and paying contractors. I think this money should be invested in projects that will give us profits in future than consumption. My point is that we should borrow for investment and not consumption otherwise will have problems in paying back these loans.
Isaac Tembo, Kabwe