Observing traffic rules

ALLOW me space in your paper to commend RTSA public relation officer for acknowledging that most road traffic accidents are cause by human errors such as-over speeding, failure to observe traffic rules and to some extent defective vehicles such as worn-out tyres which lead to bursts.
The public relations officer went on to say that RTSA has put up measures to mitigate accidents and one of them was education while the other was highway patrols.
It is the latter which is of my concern as it is common to see police cars marked ‘Highway Patrol” instead of patrolling the roads these cars are seen parked by the roadside collecting money from erring drivers.
I am left wondering if at all these officers know what it means to patrol. Ambulance drivers are the worst victims of traffics rules offenders as they over speed ignoring other road users and in the end they kill the very life they were rushing to save. The famous Police C5 is also another corrupt. It is common to see these officers driving at high speed even on a road with speed limits of 60km/h.
They even sit on windows brandishing their machineguns, thereby putting the lives of other road users at risk should one of the guns fire by accident. Can RTSA first address these erring officers before going to law abiding citizens as it is said charity begins at home.
May the road traffic rules be applicable to all regardless of the nature of work one is engaged in because an accident is an accident.
Chakwiya Bornface