Regime change

IT IS very clear that the other newspaper is campaigning for rgime change. It does not want President Lungu and the Patriotic Front to win power next year and may even work towards removing them from power before the time for elections come.
It is said that prewarned is prearmed. The PF has an opportunity to counter and fight back the negative campaign that has been launched both locally and internationally.
It must be remembred that these are the same people that launched the campaign against the leadership of President Rupiah Banda when they supported the Patriotic Front.
They are using the same tactics to decampaign the Patriotic Front. They vritually wrote off and rubbished the major capital projects started by the MMD by making them look irrelevant and useless. They promised a better future under the Michael Sata regime. The people followed these promises and voted out RB.
The same scenario is repeating itself. The same people are condemning the PF and promising better life under the Rainbow party.
This is a propaganda war which must be fought with all seriousness otherwise the result is inevitable.
People are gullible and will believe all the negative things being published.
The PF must pull up its own propaganda campaign by showing that the development projects and activities they have embraked upon are real and meant to improve the lives of the people.If that fails then the Rainbow will be in State House.
Cosmas Chongo

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