Todays Text Messages

Cartel days numbered
The cartel has exhausted all its weapons towards President Edgar Lungu. How does a newspaper which claims to dig deeper start writing about suits and pot bellies, it is a shame; time is indeed catching up with them.

Daily Nation comment of August 19 worth noting
The Daily Nation’s editorial comment of 19-8-15 is worth noting and deserves serious consideration by all peace-loving Zambians. The Post newspaper is full of hatred against President Edgar Lungu and his Government. Even a clever grade nine pupil who reads papers regularly knows that the Post is not balanced in its reporting but has gone far beyond providing checks and balances to Government. Theirs is simply attacking the President on a daily basis. This kind of hate reporting is bad for the nation, and can lead to strife and loss of peace, life and property. And the church is quiet.
Joseph Gabriel Tonga, Lusaka

Attacks on President
Lungu uncouth
The attack on President Lungu’s personality outlook is uncouth; the man is a lawyer and has been smart all the time of his practice. To demean him is not only outrageous but stinks of hate against human kind. As a country we should not allow such reporting in our papers. What would happen if one day he does not dress well, won’t that become their news of the year?

Post lacks professional ethics
It is very normal for every Head of State to show change in appearance. It only takes the person like Eric Chanda to sink so low and he thinks that he is presidential material. Anyway blame is with the Post newspaper which publishes whatever comes its way. Sooner than later the Post newspaper will publish a picture of a naked mad person in the street.
Lawrence Tembo, Lusaka

Cartel using Nawakwi
Does my sister Nawakwi know that her continued insults against the President are retrogressive and her popularity is getting low as a result? It is high time she stopped being used by the cartel’s newspaper. You are an intelligent politician but your newly acquired alliance with the Post has reduced your political fortunes. Finally you are the paper of the day. Keep it up Daily Nation.
Lastin, Ndola

LCC should step up
killing of stray dogs
I urge the Lusaka City Council to be serious with dog cropping. There are too many stray dogs in our compounds and people are being bitten everyday more especially in our area Kanyama and this is a danger because these dogs are not vaccinated against rabies.
Charles Banda, Lusaka

Jailing of Ms Mwale of
ZRL unfair
I sometimes get so concerned with the application of the laws imported from our former colonial masters. In her mitigatory statement, Ms Mwale former Zambia Railways finance director did mention that she did not directly benefit from that payment and if she were jailed, she would lose her status as a ZICA fellow and that she was also diabetic. It is unfair for the poor lady to be jailed and yet her boss was the one who enjoyed the comfort of the apartments. Let her appeal against this cruel ruling to save her profession as a ZICA fellow.
James K Mphande,