Lungu proves critics wrong

DESPERATE individuals are busy criticizing President Edgar Lungu because they expected him to fail, but he has shamed them through his hard work, says Gallant Youth in Zambia executive director, Henry Mulenga.
He advised the people disparaging President Lungu to stop because the head of State would ensure that Zambians saw tangible development.
Mr Mulenga said President Lungu was constantly on the move because he wanted to ensure Zambia developed.
“Only desperate people with evil intentions have gone on rampage to criticize and ridicule the President when he is trying to ensure this country develops,” he said.
Mr Mulenga said it was sad to note that some individuals did not want to appreciate the efforts made by Government, but instead were trying to make fun of the Presidency .
He said it would be easy for Zambians to vote President Lungu back in office because of the improvement the country has undergone within the short period he had been in office.
“There is nothing wrong with the president dozing because he is a human being; if anything President Lungu does not rest because he is got less rest and he spends most of his time working day and night,” Mr Mulenga said.
He urged the people of Zambia not to be misled by desperate people through their careless talk and production of fabricated statements that were aimed at drawing them away from the real developments under the leadership of President Lungu.