Nawakwi not a p0litical factor

ZAMBIANS must ignore FDD leader Edith Nawakwi and other talkative and failed politicians as they do not add value to the governance of the nation, says Evangelical Youth International Alliance president Reverend Moses Lungu.
Rev. Lungu said being disrespectful and talkative was not a sign of wisdom or a sense of knowledge about how the country should be run.
He said Ms. Nawakwi and other opposition political parties who were being critical of the PF administration should accept that there was a Government in place led by President Lungu.
“Ms. Nawakwi is part to the economic challenges the country is facing today and her continued attacks on the PF and President Lungu in particular, for me I am not shocked because Ms. Nawakwi and others criticizing the President are not doing it out of the love they have for this country but out of bitterness and hate,” said Rev. Lungu.
Rev. Lungu said the continued attacks on Government and its leaders by use of insulting and demeaning words would not help anyone resolve the problems the country was facing, adding that the opposition was only casting a dark cloud on its chances of governing the nation.
“No one can vote for an abusive leader and a person who talks ill about others in that manner. We have people like Rainbow Party president Wynter Kabimba, what value will they add to the governance of the nation?
“He failed the people of Zambia when he was given that opportunity to serve as minister. What will people like Ms. Nawakwi do if voted into Government when she failed the country as minister,” said Rev Lungu
Rev Lungu said Ms Nawakwi was part of problems the country was facing today when she of minister of energy, agriculture and finance in the MMD government. And PF media and publicity committee vice chairperson Sunday Chanda says the PF’s preoccupation now was not to give weight to the lonesome outburst by Ms. Nawakwi. Mr. Chanda said the PF will not give credence to individuals whose agenda was well known to be foreign and unproductive.
He said President Lungu should be given chance to govern properly devoid of antagonizing him with petty and childish and unproductive talks such as those promulgated by the Post newspapers.
Mr. Chanda has since urged Zambians not to buy into the petty and childish way the opposition were handling issues of governance in Zambia.