Vehicle importers dodge pre-shipment formalities

ZAMBIA Bureau of Standards (ZABS) is concerned that out of the 8,416 used motor vehicles inspected between January and June 2015, 2,754 vehicles dodged pre-shipment inspections because importers did not follow the laid down procedures.

In a statement, ZABS head of marketing and public relations Hazel Zulu revealed that , 2,754 vehicles which eluded pre-shipment inspections at the points of origin did not follow the laid down vehicle importation procedures.

Ms Zulu also said the importers did not follow requirements as per Zambian Standard ZS 560, which was a code of practice for the inspection and testing of used motor vehicles.

She said owners of more vehicles had to pay penalties of 15 percent of the Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF) at different points of entry into Zambia for failure to comply with the Zambian Standard ZS 560, a mandatory standard regulated by law.

“ZABS has inspected 8,416 used motor vehicles for road worthiness between January and June 2015 to ensure public safety and to protect the country from unroadworthy vehicles.”

“This is in our continuous quest to ensure that Zambia is not used as a dumping ground for substandard or un-roadworthy motor vehicles,” Ms Zulu said.

She cautioned importers of used motor vehicles against ignoring the laid down importation requirements which demanded among other things that the vehicles should be inspected at the point of origin so that only roadworthy vehicles could  enter into Zambia.

“ZABS would like to take this opportunity to alert all importers of used motor vehicles to adhere to this compulsory Zambian Standard, ZS 560 as it is to facilitates acceptance of only roadworthy vehicles on Zambian roads and to prevent export of sub-standard vehicles or un-roadworthy vehicles to Zambia,” she said. She emphasised that substandard products in general were detrimental to the economic progress of the country as they were a risk to the safety and health of consumers.

“We would also like to counsel individuals (users) to demand for valid pre-shipment certificates from those importing vehicles on their behalf,” she said.