Chama takes on Nevers


THE MMD is dead and buried and it would only take a very bad political strategist to buy or bribe a candidate from a political party that has no influence in the political affairs of the country, Patriotic Front (PF) secretary general Davis Chama has said.

And Mr Chama has said PF leaders with the ambition of taking over the presidency of the ruling party should shelve their desires because President Edgar Lungu has already been confirmed as presidential candidate for the 2016 general elections.

Mr Chama said it was outrageous for MMD president Nevers Mumba to accuse the PF of having bought off his candidate in the Solwezi West parliamentary by-election because the former ruling party would have little or no impact on the outcome of the results in the by-election.

The PF chief executive said the MMD was not a factor in the Solwezi West parliamentary by-election and that the ruling party would never risk damaging its integrity by attempting to buy off political opponents who would not make any contribution to the welfare of the party.

He said it would be a poor strategy for the ruling party to target members of the MMD which he said was comatose and that there was no chance that the former ruling party to be resurrected or resuscitated.

Mr Chama said Dr Mumba needed prayers to realise that he was leading a political party that had lost the salt that made it worthy when it was in government.

“The PF is not in the business of buying off members of the opposition political parties and least from the MMD because the party is dead and buried.

Of what benefit would it be to buy off the MMD candidate in the Solwezi West by-election when the opposition political party is not a factor in the contest. It would be a bad strategy to buy off a candidate from a political party that is dead and cannot be resuscitated. Dr Mumba needs prayers to realise that his MMD has lost the salt for which it was worth when it was in power,” Mr Chama said.

And Mr Chama has advised presidential aspirants in the ruling party to shelve their ambitions and rally behind President Lungu who has been affirmed by the party as the presidential candidate in the 2016 general elections.

Mr Chama dispelled rumours that some senior PF members were not happy that the central committee had adopted President Lungu for the general elections next year stating that he had not heard any leader of the ruling party complain  against the decision of the central committee.

Mr Chama said if there were people in the ruling party who were not happy with the decision of the central committee, they were free to petition his office over the matter.

He however said the central committee had made its decision and that the subject of a presidential candidate in the PF was closed because the Head of State had a five year mandate that would only expire in 2019.

He has challenged PF members with presidential ambitions to come out in the open instead of secretly complaining stating that the PF was a democratic organisation that did not believe in stifling its members.