UPND stop this desperation


I am alive to the fact that UPND of late have been conducting campaigns in Choma using their mounted PA system.

They are campaigning for their candidate HH.

Please you are flouting the Electoral code of conduct and it is very surprising to see the party that wants to form government beginning to behave so immaturely and to break laws wilfully to their advantage.

This is very wrong! Please wait till 2016!It is premature to start campaigns for your candidate.

We are not in campaign times. We are there to develop Zambia right now.I have  evidence of these naked campaigns you are doing in Choma in the early hours of the evenings.  You are doing so without shame and remorse!Why this desperation?Why are you so power hungry?

Can you please stop this behavior? Where is Zambia Police to allow this nonsense to go on?


2 thoughts on “UPND stop this desperation

  1. if u can’t bear them jst join them, why are u so concened ab’t what upnd is doing? my dear why can’t u talk ab’t the don’t kubeba thing u lied to us .

  2. Choma Observer what are you talking about? It is oppression of freedom of expression and assembly by the Electoral Commission to be restricting parties to windows for campaigns! In this modern world any party can interact with the people and share their manifesto 24/7 for 365 days. The show of regalia in Lusaka inscribed “Lungu for 2016” and/or “Ifintu ni Lungu” currently roaming the streets in Lusaka and many other towns, is it not campaigning already?

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