Defence set for 1,500 recruits-Siamunene



Government will recruit over 1, 500 officers in the Ministry of Defence this year, Minister of Defence Richwell Siamunene has said.

He said Government would recruit about 800 officers under the Zambia Army, 400 under Zambia Air Force and 300 under Zambia National Service.

“The number that is required is limited, 800 for the Zambia Army, 400 for the Zambia Air force, Zambia National Service 300. There is a limited number for the defence at a particular time,” Mr. Siamunene said.

He, however, assured Zambian of transparency in the selection process stating that only candidates who would meet the qualifications would be shortlisted.

“People should not say there is no transparency in the selection process. The process is very clear because people have to apply first to be picked and only those who qualify will be shortlisted,” Mr Siamunene said.

He said people should understand that not everyone would be picked because the exercise catered for all the provinces.

Mr. Siamunene also said the applicants should take note that the selection process also considered the physical ability of an individual.

He said some people were not picked because they did not qualify because they were not physically fit to undertake the challenge.

“It is not only about the academic qualification, the person must also pass the physical tests which are considered. Is the person fit to undertake the assignment? One has to pass through the physical test” Mr. Siamunene said.