HH lacks consistency, principles


Dear Editor

During the press conference on 14th August,2015,Hakainde Hichilema commended the Post newspaper as the voice of the voiceless.

But barely three years ago this is the same man who  said the proprietor of  the newspaper Fred is a little creature who hated people to the bone  and I quote the story for 13th September,2012:

“HAKAINDE Hichilema yesterday mounted a vicious hate speech against Post editor-in-chief Fred M’membe describing him as a little creature who hated people to the bone.

And Hakainde  described FDD leader Edith Nawakwi as a hired gun.

Meanwhile Hakainde’s special adviser William Banda says it is high time that Zambia was led by a Tonga.

Briefing the press in Lusaka, Hakainde accused M’membe of hating the UPND and wanting to clean out every potential leader so that he can be left alone in the race for Zambia’s presidency.

“That is what Fred is, he had never liked UPND, if he had a way, he would ensure that we (UPND) all drown in a river,” Hakainde said. He vented anger saying, “He  (Fred) used to hound Mazoka down every day. If I had my way, M’membe would not be allowed to use the Mazoka name, If I had my way.”” Surely HH lacks consistency and principles in his politics.He only heralds something or someone when it suits his political career or if someone shows bent hatred for the ruling party.There is nothing for the Zambian people.How can one trust such a person?Ordinarily these men are opposed to each other but are solidly united in their bitter opposition to president Lungu.It is jealousy,envy and hatred that has vanquished the opposition in Zambia.

Enock Mukosha